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    Excellent bit of kit

    I was prompted to write a review by all the one star reviews that are based not on the equipment's ability to do its job but on it compatibility with HomeKit. 30 seconds research would've shown that it's not and any one star review should be saved for a review of the Apple Store Search facility, not the Hive.

    I've had Hive in three different properties now and love it. The installation takes a few minutes (by the qualified engineer) and you'll be up and running in no time. The app is stable, intuitive and works well. The "geofence" reminds me to put the heating on holiday mode as I leave to go on business and reminds me to switch it on when I land back at the airport. It also integrates well with other Hive products - I have an outside light that is on a timed schedule.

    All in all a 5 star product. No it's not compatible with HomeKit and as such would receive no stars in a review of HomeKit compatibility. In a review on Wireless Thermostat with iOS Compatible App however I give it 5 stars.

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    Don't blame hive for Siri not working

    Apple changed their tune and only certify systems if they have a specific chip for security.
    If you want voice control use Amazon Alexa

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    Had this installed today and looks cool. Seems to work well. HOWEVER - it does not seem to be compatible with the Apple homekit app. Very disappointed with that but it works OK with the HIVE app. Installation took about 20 mins with British Gas. Much nicer than the clock and thermostat it replaces. Looks good on the wall. Can run it via a login on the computer or use the HIVE app on iPad.

    Gives outside temperature - presumably based on local weather (there is no outside sensor) and also inside temp. (from thermostat
    on wall).
    Control interface seems a bit daunting at first but gets easier with use. Still disappointed not apple to control with Siri though!! :-(

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    Just finished the installation and wondering why I cannot see it in 'home'. Turns out it's not compatible. Why is it sold in the 'home compatible' section of the Apple website, only reason I bought it.!!!!
    It seems ok but doesn't do all the things 'HomeKit' should be able to do. Don't even have a Apple Watch app ��

    Should have stuck with a thermostat and saved the money.

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    Hive not compatible with Homekit

    I rarely assume, this time I did. My assumption HomeKit would be supported it isn't. Prospective purchasers beware. Hopefully British Gas will join HomeKit and pay there subs to Apple Hive software is not intuitive, it bears no little relation to the system it's operating. All in all it looks nice, it lights up. Would I recommend it? No.

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    Extremely disappointed with HIVE. After spending a lot of money to have everything installed to be able to controle everything with the HOMEKIT and Siri. I discovered that HIVE is not HOMEKIT compatible. Now I'm stuck with a system and products that I need to still push bottoms to operate. Ridiculous. Anyway nothing to do now. Maybe pray for them to do something about it. So if you're looking to buy HIVE Active Heating to be able to use Siri to controle it, forget about.

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    What a shambles.

    Click on the apple link "shop for products that are compatible with homekit" and it takes you to a page where you can buy this for £250.

    Its not compatible though - you have to use the Hive app.

    In the apple Home app - when you click add accessories - nothing happens.

    I spoke to Apple support. Not all products on the "shop for products that are compatible with Homekit" page - are compatible. You have to read the small-print and ensure that they list "homekit compatible" as a feature.


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product. We Love It.

    We love the Hive system and its ease of use via the iPhone. I chose to self install after researching our existing setup and found the Hive Controller fitted directly on to the backplate of the existing timer / controller (Lifestyle LP241). We have the Hive for Heating and hot water, you can program 6 time slots for both everyday of the week, you can Boost them too from 30 mins to 6 hours if needed. The whole process took no more than 20 mins to install. There are helpline numbers in the box, where their tech people can advise and also arrange installation via British Gas.

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