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    Very good

    I have an excellent Rhino bumper, which seems tougher than this, but is very square and makes my 6s feel bulky.

    This case is much nicer, as its very slim and matches the contours of the phone better. It's pretty grippy too. I love the clear back, showing off the iphone (my case has green sides though!).

    I can also confirm the case provides good protection as I've dropped it a couple of times, from at least the 1.5m height, and my phone remains unbleamished. One problem is as the 6s is a tiny bit thicker than the 6, there's only 1 or 2 mm overhanging the screen (still enough to lay screen down withouth the glass touching the table, and I have a heavy duty rhino screen protector on). More annoying though is its tends to come off at the corners in your pocket, not a huge thing (also tends to mute phone if its the top left corner!), and I accept this fault as it means the case is as slim as it can be, whilst still robust - worth trying one before you buy though.

    In summary, 5 star case for iPhone 6, 4 star for 6s.

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    good one

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best Clear case for iPhone 6/6S without a doubt!!

    I purchased this case recently after previously buying the Apple Silicone Case which I had durability issues with, the silicone wore away at the bottom corners after owning the case for less than 2 weeks. I decided to take back the Apple case for exchange as I wasn't happy that the case was wearing so quickly with only very light usage. After speaking to staff in the Apple Store i stated I wanted a case which wouldn't hide the beauty of the device at all but also offered great protection for accidental drops and scratches at the same time without adding too much bulk to my iPhone. The Tech21 impact clear case was recommended to me, meeting all of the criteria which I specified. I decided to go ahead and buy it and I paid £29.95p, slightly more expensive than Apples silicone cases but nonetheless a much more attractive proposition so the extra money spent is money that's well spent. The case offers fantastic all round protection for the sides and back of the device whilst the clear design still shows the beauty of the iPhone 6/6S in full clarity, I think Apple should definitely take note here and produce their own range of clear cases which would be a great move.

    In short I can definitely recommend this case, great protection, slightly expensive price but still money well spent considering what a damaged device would cost to get fixed and hopefully the case itself will be very durable.

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