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    Best 3D Printer out there

    I really recommend this 3D printer, it's accurate, and gives really greats results for all the complicated models I've printed. However, please note that despite the product descriptions that tells that's it's compatible with iphones, you will need a computer such as a mac with an SD card slot or an external SD card reader. Indeed, the cura software that you can use for slicing models is only available on OSX / Windows / GNU/Linux which means you can't directly print from your iphone. Actually, printing from an iphone is possible, but it will require some tweaking (starting by installing a wifi module on your ultimaker). The Ultimaker is Open Source, that means you can review and modify the schematics, which is pretty nice because poeple, for instance on Thingiverse or Youmagine, designed 3D printable parts to upgrade your 3D Printer, which is pretty awesome. Anyway, I could only recommend this 3D printer.. have fun with your printing !

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