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    Multiroom Spotify and detailed warm sound is here

    Qb is a classy looking 20x20cm metal & polycarbonate cube that is the equally featured brother of the larger Mu-so. Sound is precise, warm, balanced and bass well controlled. It also goes really loud!

    Add a 2nd Naim streamer (e.g. Qb or Mu-so) and you have multi-room Spotify, Tidal streaming and internet radio. Airplay multi-room via iTunes on a computer is possible, but iOS Airplay will only connect to one unit at a time.

    Controlled by app, touch control or a Mu-so remote if you have one (not included), WiFi setup is out the box and super easy. The Naim app isn't quite as feature loaded as Sonos (no native support for Apple Music other than Airplay), but does have similar multi-room functionality, and the sound is noticeably more refined than any of the Play units. Theres 3 inputs: Digital (Optical), 3.5mm jack and USB, as well as Bluetooth and streaming options.

    The solid build quality the Mu-so Qb makes it sound a bucketload better than anything else in the house, and is more compact than it's larger brother Mu-so. Choose the Qb for its sound quality, looks and compact form factor as an all-in-one speaker system.

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