• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Do not buy - terrible quality

    It was a beautiful case that became yellow grey in colour within the first few days. Two months in, it looks very worn out and dirty and has started developing small bubbles on the white rubber panel and it is tearing away from the rose gold sides. I wasted 40£ on this case. Would not recommend. Never thought that apple would sell such a low quality product in store. I have registered a complaint online, hopefully customer service is listening !

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    Waste of money

    I am sure (hope) that technically the product is sound enough but it looks really terrible. I have got my beautiful, expensive iPhone 7 in a case that completely devalues the phone. The bumper is loose around the bottom of the phone, dirt gets in the back but what is most upsetting is that it was expensive and white trim around the front is permanently filthy and it cannot be cleaned. It is actually embarrassing but as it was so expensive I cant justify handing out another £40. Firmly recommend that you don't buy this style.

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    Very disappointed! Waste of money

    I got this case from the Apple Store and within days the outer area of the case had changed colour it looks disgusting after a few months of use also lots of dirt gets in the case and has made small scratches on my phone. Total waste of £40.

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    0 stars

    If I could give this product 0 stars I would. Dirt gets under the case and has damaged my brand new phone. The rubber round the outside has gone dirty and come away. The rose gold on the side and back has broken. I brought the case in the shop so really disappointed I didn't see the other reviews. Waste of money would not expect a product of this quality to be sold my Apple!

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    Don't buy this case!

    Don't buy this case. When I initially bought my iPhone I got this case and the gold edge peeled off the bumper of the case within the first week so I exchanged it for a new one. The replacement has now became discoloured on the white edge and appears to have a blistered appearance which has resulted in parts of the rubber coating peeling. I do do recommend this product due to these reasons.

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    Within 3 weeks of buying this case the plastic protective rim began to peel off and has degraded the aesthetics of the phone. Disappointed, as the last texh21 case I had for the 5S was very good.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have had this case less than a week and paid £39.95 for it. Already areas of the white on the case has turned yellow in colour, this is not due to any kind of misuse; I have barely used it and not come in to contact with any staining products. I have tried to gently clean the case and had no success. Also, the case is not completely flush to the phone at the bottom even though the case has not been taken off since purchased.

    Before purchasing this case I had researched cases to find what I thought was a good brand, having used Tech 21 products previously and being sold in apple stores I thought I couldn't go wrong.

    I am really disappointed with this product and expected a lot higher standard from a multinational company. I am a loyal customer and have always used your products in the past. The fact that I went to the apple store and now have to take it back to the store which the closest store to me is nearly an hour away. This product is not fit for purpose, I will be requesting a full refund.

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