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    cracks very soon

    I got this protector fitted on 22nd Dec and I didn't even drop my phone . On Jan 2nd I saw small chip on my screen protector with 3 or 4 air line cracks. It is not fair to pay £25 and it doesn't even stay for months. Really upset with the money paid. Screen protector brought from amazon was stronger than this one.

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    Waste of money

    Bought this screen protector for my brand new I phone, within a week it started to peel at the bottom therefore wasn’t stuck down and made it look horrible. Then a couple weeks later a random chip with 5 hairline cracks was on the screen protector. Returned it to store because of it peeling away and they swapped it. Then the day after swapping it another chip and crack is on my screen!! Never once dropped my phone so very disappointed. Absolute waste of money. Apparently Apple can’t do anything when it’s chipped as “it’s done it’s job properly” despite it never being dropped.

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    7plus Apple screen protector����

    I purchased the apple screen protector with my 7 plus on 5th december 2017, just found the phone with a crack in the corner
    And 2 cracked lines going through my screen really annoying me will be going back
    To Apple as I am very disappointed at the quality, dont understand you pay more for quality but seems like amazon one actually lasts whereas this hasnt even made it to the New Year!
    Rubbish, waste of money not buy again or recommend to be fair.

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    So far, So good.

    As the title may suggest, So far so good. I have had many apple screen protectors from the apple store, trough out my 10 years of owning apple product's, I’m not too sure if I have previously brought this screen protector (I usually buy from in store) I hope the quality is as good as my previously brought products (It’s a pain to get replacements through Belkin) off the bad the product was very easy to install, due to the included application tray. The product and product package feel premium. (should for the price) Let’s hope the product lasts for the 2 months until I upgrade to iPhone 10.

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    Waste of money

    I am really upset- brought a new phone and thought I would have the protector fitted so I wouldn’t have bubbles etc and have it done professionally- by the next day it had already cracked- didnt drop it or anything- absolute waste of money

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    Having dropped my phone numerous times, this protection has saved my phone. Yes, the protection cover has cracked - it is supposed to do so - if that's cracked, think what it would have done if you hadn't got it - smashed your screen instead. So worth the money opposed to paying for a new screen. Had it replaced once because dropped it and had cracked a few times. Apple staff are always helpful. Ignore the other reviews. It doesn't break on its own - they'll have dropped or banged their phones.

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    I am not one to write reviews but this has compelled me to. Firstly: the cost. I can remember when these things were £10-£15 for two, and it wasn't that long ago. So £25 for one - is that because it's in application tray. Because if it is, it's an unjustified hike in price. The actual screen protector was attached to the tray wonkily, so I couldn't, for love nor money, get it to go on straight. And this was after the actual screen protector had come off with the protective film. After I'd managed to attach it to my poor phone, it was still skewiff, creating a rainbow line down the side of my screen as the light refracts through it. Poor design. Very tempted to visit an Apple store to complain.

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    Do not buy

    After buying 2 of these screen protectors for 2 brand new phones, I may as well have thrown almost £50 in the dustbin. Absolutely awful to fit despite watching the video as recommended. Awful product and a complete waste of money.

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    Rubbish! Keeps breaking?

    Had the glass fitted in the Apple Store when I picked up my new phone.
    Never spent £25 on a screen protector before but wanted to protect my 7+.
    Within a few days I noticed a small chip at the side by volume buttons.
    Bearing in mind I look after my phones like one of my children I couldn't believe how this would of happened.

    A few days later, I noticed another up the top by the front facing camera.
    Definitely not been dropped, scratched or near anything that would damage it.

    Another few weeks later, a third chip.

    When are bits falling off with no impact damage???

    Avoid this and by a cheaper one that will do a lot better job!

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    Not impressed with this product

    I had this fitted at the apple store when I bought my new phone. 2 weeks later and I find a crack across the middle of the screen. It has not been dropped. Hoping they will replace it as it is an expensive screen protector that is not fit for purpose.

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    Looks the part, breaks within days

    I had this protector fitted at an Apple store 5 days ago. Looks absolutely stunning (ask them to fit it for you - they have the right tools).

    Its now cracked in 2 places. Phone has not been dropped in any way. For £25 I expect lots more

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    Not strong at all

    Is it only me but I have had this screen protector replaced on two occasions which means I am on my third one and it has cracked again I have not dropped my iPhone 7 plus once or dropped anything onto the screen so I'm not sure why this keeps happening when I took it back to the store the manager said am I sure it hasn't come into contact with my keys or any hard or sharp objects in my pockets, I always make sure my keys or any coins are not in the same pocket as my iPhone and even if this was the case for £25 you would think it would be strong enough to withstand this kind of contact. I will be returning this product once again I'm not going to pay this sort of money for two weeks worth so I advise anyone considering this product to buy with caution or find a cheaper alternative, I bought this same type of product from the market for £5 and it lasted longer than this it did crack after a while which I was told that they do buy a friend but for £25 pound from the Apple Store I would of thought this would of been a much stronger version. BUY WITH CAUTION.

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    It is gorgeous, if you bought this at a retail store, you can even ask a store staff to help you put it on They got professional facilities which is specially for putting this protector on! The only defect of this item i think would be the price is a bit expensive......

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