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    • Written by Dan M from Chorley

    Wow, I didn't know this product existed, but I wish I had found it years ago!

    As a person who travels a lot on business it still amazes me how shocking most hotels are for power sockets. Want to use your iPhone or Apple Watch as an alarm but need to charge it over night? Tough luck, the only socket is on the other side of the room! Need to charge multiple devices? Too bad - only one socket for you!

    This product solves both problems elegantly. With a three meter lead from the wall to the charger, and paired with a two meter Lightning cable you can pretty much guarantee being able to charge whilst having your device on the night stand. And you can charge up to four devices at once, so watch, phone and iPad can all be powered with a socket left for another USB powered device.

    Rockstar indeed!

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