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    Won't work with the LG 4K display

    Ah the never ending saga of cables and adaptors with my MBP touch. Bought this cable only to find my LG 4K display won't work with it. Seems this cable is in fact a fibre optic one driven by a chip set at each end. So whilst it will happily pass 40Gbs T3 data and power, it won't pass USB 3.1 which the monitor uses.

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    Only half complete PASSIVE cable.

    This refers to the 2m Belkin Thunderbolt 3 cable, with the following numbers: HKK22ZM/A | F2CD083ds2M-BLK | 8830ds23845 Rev. A00 | barcode: 7 45883 72659 2.

    Please be aware that this is a *PASSIVE* Thunderbolt 3 cable. As such, at 2m length, it can only offer charging up to 60W max (fine for the 13" MBP, but not for the 15" MBP). It also likely means it can only offer USB speeds of USB 2.0 (0.5 Gbps), rather than the 5 or 10 Gbps of USB 3.

    The main positive, is that it can still offer full Thunderbolt speeds at Thunderbolt 3's 40 Gbps.

    Overall disappointing, but likely good for the price. Seemingly other companies are becoming able to offer 2m length Tbolt 3 cables, that offer at least 5 Gbps over USB as well, *and* with full 85W 15" MBP charging capabilities. For example, on the new LG 5K Display released in December 2016, they're seemingly supplying an *ACTIVE* 2m Tbolt 3 cable, capable of offering USB-C 5 Gbps (via the outgoing 3x USB-C ports on the back of the display) *plus* charging of a 15" MBP.

    All in all, a rather curious cable, with specs that are not really the 'complete' ones one would want, but at a relatively affordable price. And given, unfortunately, there seems to be nothing yet available that you can buy as a standalone cable (without also buying the 5K display!), that offers full functionality at 2m+ lengths.

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