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    Incredible Sound

    Bought this a couple of weeks ago and, wow, the sound from this little speaker is amazing. I'm hearing things that i previously couldn't`t. While a single speaker only produces mono sound, it is crystal clear. Bass and treble can be adjusted via the Sonos app.
    Build quality is very good, feels like a premium product and while some other comments say its too heavy i like that.
    Although you can't use airplay and you have to use the Sonos app to stream music, the app is fairly easy to work with.
    Apple Music works well and i also have music stored on a NAS drive which you can easily switch to if required, one thing i do like is i have the Sonos app on my iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad and i can pick up any one of them and control the music seamlessly with no interruption. Another bonus that some people don't like is that there is no bluetooth with the Play1 so music is streamed over wifi only, so you get no annoying dropouts or alerts if a call or message pops up on your device.
    Very happy with my purchase and already looking to pair another Play1 to get full stereo sound in my lounge.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Airplay won't work with Sonos!!!

    It's a great speaker, great sound but one big flaw!. You have to use the Sonos app to play music through it. You can't play direct from Apple music/itunes through Airplay!

    Spotify is now able to play direct through Sonos speakers without having to open the Sonos app. Apple needs to catch up otherwise as a Sonos owner I may be moving over to Spotify!

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