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    Great little speaker

    I have had a Sonos wireless system for more than 5 years. I started off with a Play:5 and a Connect Amp, then I purchased a Play: 1. Being smaller and cheaper than the Play: 5 the sound from the Play:1 is not quite so rich as the 5 but it should not disappoint. I love the Play: 1's portability. It can be moved easily from room to room. Just plug in to the nearest electrical socket and within a minute it is ready to go again in the new location. The Speaker feels substantial in construction. It has a number of speakers inside that send the sound in different room filling directions. I have found a Flexon Desk Stand (purchased separately) is useful as it raises the speaker about 5cm up but this is not essential. It can sit nicely on a shelf or can be wall mounted (again a operate purchase of a suitable brakes is required). I have been so impressed I recently purchase a second Play: 1.

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    Too good to miss

    At £20 off the regular price and with a £30 Apple Music voucher, what's not to like? We literally have these little speakers all over the house, even in the bathroom. Shall probably purchase another one before the price goes back up. The sound is great, especially if they are paired, and they're so unobtrusive compared to the older speakers.

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    Fabulous product that works beautifully with Apple Music

    I've had Sonos products for more than 10 years and have seen it get better and better over the years. I have amplified and non amplified products. My most recent purchases are a Play 1 and a Play 3. I'm now thinking about what combination of Sonos products to put in another room. Apple Music works seamlessly. I'm just now waiting/hoping for Apple HomeKit compatibility/integration. It's the only bit that's missing for me and would give it the final star!

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