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    One of the best on the market

    • Written by Andrew T from Lingfield

    Having felt pretty disappointed with most of the so called 'high-end' wireless speaker systems, I decided to try the latest version of the Play 5, now in its second iteration. Opening the box, it's clear you're getting a quality product. The speaker is beautifully put together and feels very substantial.

    Unlike many competitors, this speaker isn't fussy about room placement... more on that later. The set up process is dead simple, and can be done from most devices. The applications walk you through the process, although it's best to use a phone or tablet as they have a microphone for Trueplay. During this set up, the speaker will make a series frequency sweeps to help tune in the sound signature for the room. The result, this is by far the best wireless speaker I've ever heard

    Where is speaker fails, like no high-res playback, it excels in great sound quality, especially when using CD quality streams (Tidal or Qobuz), or music shared on a NAS device.

    When compared to some higher priced competitors, such as Bowers and Wilkins or Naim Audio, the Sonos clearly has the edge. And that's saying something, bearing in mind these others have far more experience.

    My search is over. I've found the ultimate discrete hifi system.

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