• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Screen

    Amazing Screen just works brilliantly with my Mac Book Pro 13", the colours are so real would fully recommend this converting this into a huge desktop computer.

    Thank you Apple & LG for makine this amazing screen.....

    Its the best I have seen and used.

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    Awesome, but expensive, but awesome

    The only downside to this monitor is the price. There's no getting around that - it's expensive. Then again, not so expensive compared to other 5k monitors (of which there aren't many), so the question is whether 5k is worth the price. For casual use, definitely not. For professional use, if you work all day at your computer and you're staring at the screen for 10+ hours a day, I'd say yes.

    Of course, there are lots of 4k monitors available for half the price of this screen, some of which are good quality, so is 5k worth it and what else does this monitor provide to justify the cost?

    Firstly, 5k provides about 50% more pixels than 4k and the scaling looks great. Clearly the most important thing here is the quality of the display itself, and it's pretty awesome, basically like a giant Retina display. Your eyes will thank you. No matter how hard you try, you will not see any individual pixels on this thing. It's also the perfect size for up-close work at a desk, in my opinion. Anything bigger starts to feel unwieldy, and anything smaller is cramped.

    It works right out of the box with a single USB-C cable which also provides power to your MacBook Pro for a single cable setup. That's a nice perk, and USB-C is the future. It also has additional USB-C ports on the back of the monitor, so it's a full hub into which you can plug hard drives, microphones, iPhone cables etc. I connected an Ethernet cable into an old Apple Ethernet USB adapter plugged into a cheap USB-C adapter and then into the monitor, and that might sound complicated but it works great. It also has an integrated webcam, which is pretty good quality. The built-in speakers are loud, and more than good enough for a monitor.

    The build quality is very solid. The design isn't stunning or iconic, but it's functional and does the job. No fiddling around to assemble - it's all packed in one piece. It feels very sturdy and is easily adjustable. The basic black bezels and stand just get out of the way. It won't win any design awards, but it's built to last.

    This is a top quality display. It works perfectly out of the box with MacBook Pros from 2016 onwards (I'm using it with a 13 inch 2016 MBP), and it doesn't have any of the teething issues which were present at launch (which you can still see reflected in the very early reviews). I'm pretty sure nobody will be disappointed in the quality of this thing, or how much it enhances their Mac experience on the desktop. 5k is pretty great. Afterwards, you'll find it hard to go back to other monitors. Then it all just comes down to that price, and whether it's worth it to you.

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    Great Display

    Don't be put off by the poor reviews of this monitor, although it obviously had some initial shielding issues, these seem to have been sorted out. It may also not be the greatest monitor in terms of style but actually it's not bad and you soon get used to it. The picture quality really is very good and it works a treat with a MacBook Pro via USB-C.
    My only negative is that I wish it had more thunderbolt 3 connections as my audio interface still needs to be connected the MacBook rather then the monitor. Yes it's expensive but can pick up recon ones for a lot less, I just didn't want to risk it.
    Go for it........

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Superb. If you have a Macbook Pro, buy this monitor

    The only thing I regret about this monitor is that I didn't buy it earlier.

    I put off buying this monitor because of the bad reviews. Instead I went through two other monitors, each of which were much cheaper but whose picture quality was noticeably worse than the iMac screens. I returned those monitors and given assurances about how easy it was to return to Apple if faulty, I put up the money to buy this monitor in April 2018 - and it's worth every penny. Clear, bright, crisp, great colours. Plus only one cable connecting to my 2017 MacBook Pro. I've not had the problems other users have complained about (perhaps LG have improved their quality assurance by now).

    The monitor has built-in camera and sound, plus the stand has that clean, minimal aesthetic that looks like an Apple-designed device. The only quibbles are (a) raising or lowering the height is a bit stiff; (b) running Windows using BootCamp the display will sometimes suddenly go black for a few seconds - but is this due to the LG monitor or the MacBook Pro video card or Microsoft's Windows software? In any case I don't run Windows enough for this to be a problem.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    No Daisy-Chain Support

    Superb image quality. HOWEVER...

    The main problem I have with this display is that there is no ability to daisy-chain two of these displays with my MacBook Pro 15" 2017. LG allegedly supports MST, but MacOS does not.

    Apple - if this is your 'official' display, sort out the compatibility issues.....otherwise, bring out your own display that actually supports daisy-chaining and doesn't have the issues that other users have described.

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    Brilliant monitor (literally)

    I read some negative reviews about using this with my macbook pro but it seems that whatever gremlins were in the earlier models may now have been sorted. Everything else you've heard about the quality, colour and resolution is true. Very glad i purchased this.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Run an agency? Get these.

    I've been put off getting these into our agency for some time. Now that I own one, I feel we have wasted time following reviews of ex-issues. They are the best companion monitor available for your MacBook Pro. It's like bathing your eyes. Great quality image.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    When it works its great

    The LG 5K is probably one of the best panels out there. The only one I can think of that is nicer is the Dell 8K, but nothing really supports that unless you're willing to spend £7k on a custom computer

    Anyway, the panel looks great, speakers are decent, won't replace standalone speakers but better than most in built speakers I've heard on computer monitors. The webcam is also nice, 1080p, an upgrade to the 720p webcam Apple still use in the 2016 MacBook. I have also used this with a 2014 15inch MacBook and it looks ok, not great, but decent. The stand is great, smooth adjustment and solid base.

    However with my unit it has stopped working. I sent it to LG and they sent it back to me saying they could not source the part to repair it. I asked for a replacement unit as its only 5 months old, and they, LG who manufacture the display and print their name on it, say they cannot get one. I told them I can wait a couple of weeks for them to get one, and they said they cannot get one regardless of how long I wait. That to me sound crazy. So I am stuck with this monitor that doesn't work while I wait for LG to come to a resolution with me about what they can do.

    I normally love LG, their TVs are currently the best on the market, so I expected better from them. Reading reviews it seems I'm not the only one with issues. Now having said all that mine was manufactured December 2016 and those manufactured after February 2017 have been slightly redesigned to fix many issues.

    So overall would I recommend? Yes. I know it sounds weird from a 2 star review, but if you get one post March 2017 they are ok. If LG do replace my monitor with a working one I will push this to a 4 star review, but until then, it will stay 2 star

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    Very good

    Image quality is above and beyond. Really happy with the performance of this monitor. The only downside is the steep price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Buggy and unreliable

    LG clearly didn't spend the time they should have done to get it right. Half the time it won't turn on with the laptop (MBP15"2016) and I either have to reboot or unplug the Mac, the USB ports don't always work either, and sometimes the screen comes on with no brightness.
    While some of this could be macOS related I suspect most is to do with poorly written firmware in the LG monitor.
    I also have a cluster of dead pixels which is very annoying.
    Finally, I have found no way of getting this monitor to work with Windows 10 on BootCamp. It just does not work! (I work in IT and have tried everything.)

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Faulty and neither Genius Bar nor LG can correct!

    Display is fine, but the hub will not start up with a disk which works fine directly in my MacBook Pro. The Genius Bar could not get it to work – neither would another LG 5K Display tested – and LG technical support simply want to blame the disk, ignoring that it works with the MacBook and also on unplugging and replugging.
    I had to exercise my Sale of Goods rights to return it, as it does not do what is stated.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    Despite little issues, satisfied overall. Easy to use with no serious issues for me on the single cable USB hub/monitor/charging connection to MBP15 2016.

    Little disappointments:
    -a block of four pixels were stuck on out of the box.
    -Intermittently the monitor does not come on if the cable is plugged into the Macbook with the thunderbolt symbol facing down.
    ( I just take it out and plug in the other way up.)
    -backlighting not as uniform as I would like
    -as an older person, I would really like a physically larger 5K screen (30 inch) so that I could work more comfortably will small font sizes
    -it's disappointing that the screen won't charge USB devices when the macBook is not connected
    -there are still some issues with volume control of the screen speakers

    little pleasures:
    -I haven't seen a better screen
    -one cable for everything is even handier than the previous thunderbolt plus magsafe.
    -The height adjustment allows the macbook to be open directly under the screen, so I can use both screens
    and the macbook keyboard, trackpad, touchbar directly in front of me without swivelling.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Working beautifully with MacBook Pro Retina 15" mid-2014 - at full 5K

    Received this monitor today. I have a mid-2014 MacBook Pro Retina 15" with the NVIDIA GT 750M with 2 GB of graphics memory. I have connected the monitor to my MacBook using an Apple Thunderbolt 2 cable and an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) adapter. Everything is working great; monitor, USB-C ports on monitor, speakers, microphone and camera. What is more, although Apple state that my machine should only run the monitor at 4K it in fact runs it at full 5K resolution at 60 Hz! The monitor is 1m from my AirPort Extreme router and so far no glitches or other problems so it seems they have addressed those issues too. My one gripe is that the granularity of volume adjustment is not so great. Once you get to just 2 bars of volume it is plenty loud and going any higher starts to bring a little distortion. It would be better if there was more granularity to the volume control.

    Overall at the moment I am very happy with this monitor.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really pleased with the display

    I have one of the 'fixed' displays. Im using it with my late 2013 MBP so it currently only offers 4k. That said the screen and colours look fantastic. Once the new updated MBP are released this year (2017) I will upgrade so I'm able to enjoy the display at 5k.

    I am currently suffering no issues so far after a weeks use :) Love the real estate allows me to open various windows and have toms of space to work.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Would be a beautiful thing if it worked reliably

    Had seen these in my local Apple Store and was blown away by the image quality (it’s absolutely stunning). I initially held off buying one based on previous bad reviews. However, once the shielding issues were reported as fixed I decided to give one a try. Three days later, I’m returning it, as it keeps disconnecting itself randomly from my MBP. The screen goes black, the connected hard disk gives a disk not ejected properly error and the all windows revert back to the MBP (just as if the monitor had been unplugged). I have had no such issues with either my Apple Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter) or Dell (USB-C to DP cable) displays. The LG’s S/N started 0701 (Jan 2017) and the circle symbol was present on the box (indicating a unit to which shielding has been retrofitted by LG).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    works perfectly

    Had delivery of this 4 days ago, works perfectly. No issues whatsoever and really good quality!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I'd been wanting two of these monitors for some time, but the reviews had put me off. I have a new 15" MBP with touch bar, and I use disk encryption, so based on the previous reviews I'd read this was a recipe for disaster with regards to running these monitors.

    Prior to getting my new MBP, I had a 2013 MBP and when at home used it with a single 24" monitor via HDMI cable. This was great until I upgraded to El Capitan and from this point I had nothing but trouble running any external monitor or projector - and things were even worse when using with Parallels. To my dismay, these issues continued with the new 2016 MBP with touch bar.

    After reading about the issues people had been having with these monitors, I decided to wait given the price of one let alone two. Once LG formally announced they had issues and that new models built from Feb would have extra shielding, I decided I would bite the bullet and buy two once the new stock arrived. After having to wait for around 8 weeks, they arrived last week.

    As many people have said, the quality of the picture on the monitor is outstanding. I haven't had any issues with them when the laptop goes to sleep - everything wakes up again and returns to the state is was in before it went to sleep. I read somewhere that someone who had disk encryption switched on had issues until they switched this off - I still have this on and it's not caused me any issues. Some people reported Thunderbolt cable issues, I've not had any.

    I haven't tried using USB devices directly plugged into the monitor yet so can't report on whether these items wake properly after sleep as some people reported, however I think this is more likely an OSX issue as I have USB devices that don't wake from sleep properly when connected directly to the MBP via a USB adapter.

    It did take me a while to get the correct Graphics setting in Parallels due to the mode I'd been having to run it in with my previous monitor, but after changing this to the "Best for Retina Display" option, the setup is now perfect.

    If you're considering buying these then based on my experience you won't be disappointed.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great panel but lots of problems

    The panel is very very nice it makes the laptop screen seem not so good. Everything else about the display is SUPER terrible.

    Few examples of daily issues:

    - Crashes the laptop a lot - I mean a lot!! I am more suprised if the laptop doesnt crash rather than when it does :(
    - I have 2 of these displays and the vertical height adjustment is not the same so 1 display is slightly higher than the other (go figure!?)
    - All screens, including laptop screen go blank and cant do anything, so have to force power down the laptop

    Few pain points:

    - Both screens have to plug to the laptop directly and can not daisy chain off each other
    - Brightness across both displays and laptop are independent which is very annoying

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great image quality but overall just about OK and not to Apple's standard

    Amazing colours and resolution issues which transpire lesser standards by LG.

    I personally quite like the design and the ergonomics of the display. One could argue the mount would have been even better if it allowed the screen to rotate to portait mode.

    The high-dpi image on the screen looks fantastic thanks to the wide gamut. The image persistance is also noticeably improved over the built-in retina display on the macbook pro 15" 2016.
    The criticism I would have in terms of image quality would be the lack of uniformity when you look at a completely back image. The backlighting doesn't leak if a uniform manner (lighter patches).

    Now where things get annoying/disappointing:

    - The webcam has a better resolution compared to the built-in iSight camera on the macbook pro 2016. That great, however the webcam's doesn't seem to have any white balance correction. During the the day, the image looks better than the iSight's but in low light or artificial light conditions the colours look horrible and/or noisier compared to using the built-in isight.
    - The microphone isn't performing as well that the macbook pro's built-in one: I never use it.
    - The speakers: you can only set the volume to "1" anything after that and the sound is heavily distorted. I don't use them.
    - The screen sometime blacks out for a fraction of a second (quickly turns black then comes back). This only happened sporadically but still, it's not very reassuring.
    - The power supply of the display doesn't filter mains interferences enough: if I have headphones connected to my macbook and use the display I can hear every time my fridge turns on... This doesn't happen when I only use the macbook pro and its white power adapter. This might by linked to the wifi interference issues some people are reporting? My wifi router is in a different room so no issues to report on that front.
    - Adjusting the brightness from an the keyboard feels broken: If you use the keyboard to adjust the brightness there is an noticeable and annoying delay between the screen adjusting the brightness and the visual feedback mac os gives you. This doesn't feel right and doesn't happen if you use an Apple Thunderbolt Display.
    - Most of the time if I plug my iPhone to charge from one of the USB-C ports at the back of the display via the Apple to USB adapter, nothing happens until I disconnect the USC-C plug and put it back in the monitor.

    Would I purchase this monitor again? No.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great picture, dodgy firmware

    It's very disappointing that the monitor doesn't provide any standard USB sockets or other connections. I've already got 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 sockets on the MBP, one is used to connect to the monitor and now I have 6 spare connections - (and loads of dongles).

    As most people report, the sound settings on the monitor are very dodgy. Anything above 1 "pip" of volume is loud, above 2 pips and it's distorting a little because it's so loud. Inclusion of a webcam and microphone is very handy but the large base protrudes out the front a lot which is a little annoying on a small desk (can't push the keyboard forwards enough).

    Also, not often, but once or twice, the monitor has suddenly gone black - after a minute or two it comes back but has clearly disconnected from the MBP during the period. I was in the middle of a skype call once and the camera, mic, etc, disconnected but the call continued.

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