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    A gift to remember

    I got this printer as a gift for the holidays and am more than happy with it. Countless memories created with the hyperphoto, what a unique idea! I also appreciate the beautiful design, it fits well with my Apple devices.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I got this as a gift for my wife for Christmas and it's been an absolute hit with the family. Nieces and nephews instantly figured out the Hyperphoto and captured every moment of the holiday season through them. Grandma and grandpa really enjoyed the fact that photo still fits in the wallet to show their grandkids to friends on the go. Wife was very happy that it still fits into a handbag, not an easy feature for the ladies. I would recommend this to anyone as it has so many ways to enjoy it and create memories together.

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    Would be a nice printer, but VERY poor app will make you go insane

    I bought one of these to go travelling and make pictures on the move. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE for that purpose. You can only use the app when you are online, which isn't always possible. Forgetting sharing photos when out and about.

    The app is also EXTREMELY poor. If you log in through facebook, you will find you have to do it every time you open the app. It will also keep asking to spam your friends every single time you do unless you let it. And whats going to happen when this company goes out of business?. You will have a printer you cant use because you cant log in to their site!

    Also this app shares all your photos on the cloud BY DEFAULT. You actually have to choose no EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to print.

    This is the steps to print a photo (that I have already taken with camera):

    1) Open app
    2) Login in (again...) - you NEED to be online to use the app
    3) Choose "Not now" to it posting to facebook (again - it literally does this every time)
    4) Choose a photo (the list doesnt update by the way - you have to force close the app if you take a photo while the app is open)
    5) Uncheck "share with friends" (every time - it stores your photo on their servers unless you choose this)
    6) Click print
    7) Click "skip", otherwise it wants to share your photo AGAIN

    For comparison, HP Sprocket (identical but without the AR gimmick):

    1) Open app (this doesn't require login and works offline)
    2) Choose photo
    3) Click print

    It is an absolute embarrassment to Apple that they sell this product.

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    Biggest waste of money ever

    The photo's are tiny! The connectivity terrible. Black and white photos come out with a horrible hue. Literally printed 2 photos never to be used again. £134 is literally the biggest rip off :((

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    Very Nice

    I find this printer extremely useful, even if the instructions are vague. However, on the website for Lifeprint they provide a tutorial video that explains everything needed. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

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    AR feature not working and website shows 503 errors

    Bought this for Christmas for my kids. Testing it out in advance, the printer is fine but the instructions are oblique to say the least – the AR video onboarding implied by holding the quick setup guide in front of the app doesn't work.

    No I have printing working and that's cool but the AR photos just don't work and their website is constantly down with 503 and related errors. Seems like they don't know how to scale a web site. Very bad.

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