• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Button don’t work , takes of screen protector

    • Written by Kira W from Horley

    The buttons are really hard to press.
    When you put the phone into the controller it takes off your screen protector so I have to keep replacing them which cost money.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Buttons don’t really work

    • Written by Matthew H from York

    The A B X Y buttons only work half the time when pressed. Pushing the button into its downward state doesn’t trigger a press, it’s only once you press down further that it registers. Not sure if intended but the result makes it unsuitable for gamers. If they improve the buttons or introduce sensitivity settings in future models I might rebuy one.

    Fits well with an IPhone 8 (if you don’t have a tempered glass cover), analogue sticks pretty good but the iPads sticks are better. Feels alright to handle but didn’t use it for a long period due to above problem.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent controller no customisation of button functions

    • Written by arran V from coningsby

    My wife bought me this and I love it for many reason some I will list below. I also have only one issue with it that for the most part I don't mind about but on some games is really annoying, and is the only reason I did not give this product 5 stars.

    first it fold really small and feels really great in the hands when using it, does not feel flimsy.

    The battery life will easily out last my Iphone 6s so don't have to change it every day, but you can charge you phone and the controller at the same time using the one port a micro usb. So can be used to convert my Iphone to a micro port if I don't have Iphone charger handy.

    They have a free app that list all the compatible games and what each buttons does in it. ( My only issue is you cannot change this option so if the game has a strange layout you cannot change it button by button. This is true for all the games I have played so far.

    It has a good range of games that it will work with for me, everyone likes a different type of game.

    I have had for about 6 months and will be using for many more I hope.

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