• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not up to usual Bose standards

    • Written by Pete A from Surbiton

    I really wanted to like these. I am a Bose fan and have many products, most of their wired earphones and headphones, both noise cancelling and not. The QC30s have been disappointing, first the good points; the sound quality was better than expected and an improvement on the QC20s, they can connect to two devices simultaneously so (in theory) you can be listening to music on your Mac and answer a telephone call. Unfortunately the bad points were more extensive; earbud fit was poor, the medium was too small and the large size are painful, the noise cancelling was poor, plenty of traffic noise, on a train almost unusable. I fly regularly but of course these QC30s cannot be used on a plane at all. The neck/battery collar rotates around and becomes uncomfortable. They are also useless for telephone calls, the microphone hangs under the ear and the callers cannot hear very clearly. Mine will be going on eBay soon while I look for alternatives.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fuller base than Apples wired premium versions

    • Written by Spencer G from Loughborough

    I had been a bit worried about the sound quality of these headphones due to some reviews saying the base was too loud and drowned the sharper notes, and its true that the base is much deeper than the premium Apple headphones I moved from but I wouldn't say it drowns the treble that much. I think it's more a matter of taste. If you are into your drum and base then you will love them, if however you like music with a lot of variety and are more keen on a treble bias, these may be a bit bassy for you. However it's probably best to try some Bose can type head phones to get an idea if the sound quality is to your taste. The ear buds are a bit fiddly to get to sit right but are great if you persevere for a short time to get the nack of putting them in. Once warm they are comfortable and secure and should be fine for running but gymnastics may be a bit much��. Noise cancellation from my brief trial seems to take account of loudness, proximity and whether the noise is constant or new / intermittant. Hence the background drone will be reduced but I presume you should be able to hear a person trying to get you attention or a phone although you may need to adjust the level of noise cancellation to suit. Wireless playback sees great when close to a device but occasional skips can occur if you wonder around the house or if you bend down and get the neck band in the fold of you neck, if you skipped the gym in favour of Christmas treats like me!

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