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    Clip broken on first use.

    Recently purchased the Active Lens Set for iPhone 7 (iPhone 7 Plus clips etc. included, not optional) to use on a trip to India. The clip itself, which has a seam along the middle, came loose and unstuck on very first use. It was not exceptionally hot (early March) but one would reasonably expect the clip to be useable in most weathers. The weakness appears to be a design fault which renders the lenses entirely unusable.

    The optics appear to very good (at least as good as the best of the Aukey range of clip-on lenses, which I also use) but the product is ruined by poor clip design.

    It is also worth noting that the product includes clips etc. for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which represents a 50% redundancy (lenses aside) and an unnecessary expense for all except a few happy owners of both models of iPhone. At a smidgen under £120, that's a bit of try on, quite frankly.

    One star, for quality of optics, entirely negated by poor clip design.

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