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    Waste Of Money

    I am disgusted that this product is even recommended by Apple. The price is way too high for a case that is of the lowest quality. I bought one to protect my new laptop and within 2 months of owning I went back to the Apple store to get the case replaced. The corners are especially weak as even though I treat my laptop with the utmost care, all the corners started to crack on both the top and bottom and the small pieces of plastic that clip the laptop into the case broke off as well. This is especially weird since these parts are protected from the outside of the laptop. After getting the case replaced and hoping the first one was just faulty the second also has the same problems. This case is not fit for everyday use of a laptop no matter how careful you are.

    Do Not Buy It!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This case does not last long.

    I have had this case no more than 3 months, I don't take my laptop out it stays on my desk, so i was surprised to find that this case was cracking at the corners. I did not expect this after such a short period of time. I have had to take the case back to the apple store that I purchased it from.

    However the customer service that I received from apple on this matter was brilliant and prompt. thank you apple for that.

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    The case has cracked in two places one on the lid and one on the base

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    Does not fit

    I agree with the previous reviewer. I went into an Apple store to buy this, and the assistant and I tried three separate Incase covers, all of which would not fit on my MBP with Thunderbolt 3. It appears it may be a manufacturing flaw. This may not be the case for all of the hard covers, but I'm taking the trouble to write this here in case anyone else might be considering, to proceed with caution.

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    Doesn't fit.

    I got given this as a Christmas present. Unfortunately it's not produced with accurate enough tolerances, and it doesn't fit my Macbook Pro (correct model).

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