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    Does not give a snug fit to a MBP13 with Touch Bar

    After much research I thought this sleeve would give the perfect fit to my MBP 13 with Touch Bar. Unfortunately is does not.
    Sure it fits, but not snug; there is about about an inch play in the length, and half inch in the width. I will be returning mine.

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    Simple, not the most attractive but does the job

    I've just purchased the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and wanted to ensure I had a decent case for it. As there were no reviews online I went into an Apple store to take a look at the case, its not a bad looking case though the outer fabric does feel a little cheap and has a funny plastic noise when squeezed. The padding is adequate with a nice soft lining and inner zip protection to prevent scratches. All in all not the best case ever, I'm looking more towards a leather/felt option moving forward, but it does the job and will do at the moment to protect the MacBook Pro that fits inside.
    As an FYI Incase do a 'normal' version of this case, but if you have the new MacBook Pro with/without Touch Bar you'll need the Slim version to ensure its a more snug fit.

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