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    Now I'm a Better Gamer

    This is a great game controller for iPad/iPhone. It connects automatically (wirelessly) and shows up in compatible games. It makes many games much more intuitive (and a bit easier) than using virtual controls on the touchscreen. The device feels robust and has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery. The buttons and joysticks have a good feel and the whole thing sits comfortably in your hands.

    This bundle is a bit of a bargain too: for £10 less than a lone controller you get the same controller even if you don't need the Minecraft game. It's not even branded differently (and it's the same Bluetooth 4.1, not 4.0 as Apple lists it). The voucher is good until the end of May 2018 so the bundle may disappear soon.

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    Beware: Does NOT work with new AppleTV 4K!

    Whilst a bargain and seems perfectly well built, this controller would not work with the New AppleTV 4K.
    I have tried all resets and software upgrades but the controller will not connect and stay connected. A Bluetooth connection is established and displayed, but then after one or two seconds the AppleTV displays “connection lost”. This cycle of connected/can nnection lost continues forever making the AppleTV unusable until you’ve powered-down the Nimbus controller.
    The only way for a kid to play Minecraft on his new AppleTV... and it’s not compatible. No choice but to get a refund.

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    Great controller

    A great controller, and this bundle with the controller and a code for Minecraft on the App Store is a bargain

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    Very good worth the money well built

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