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    I had to return this on day one because #1 too heavy at 500 grams- doubles weight of ipad, and #2 no intelligible instructions. Battery change instructions in four languages, but missing Serbo-croat, Gaelic, Sanskrit - Oh and English. After failing to pair it on Bluetooth I waited 20 minutes for Apple Help/technical help, finally called it a day and saved £84. Sadly Logitech appear to have discontinued the earlier ipad keyboard which worked perfectly; "If it ain't broke don't fix it". But I suppose their designers needed to keep busy- what a pity.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very nearly perfect - Devil is in the detail

    Firstly I really, really like this case. It has transformed how I use my iPad Air 2. Keys are great to type on, shortcuts all work as though you are on you Macbook or iMac and the case is sturdy (or so it seems after three weeks of heavy use)

    My only gripe with the case, and I'm digging deep here, is the cut out for the camera doesn't fully align with the camera on the back of the iPad. This results in a shadow around the outside of your pictures. This is the only element that has disappointed me, but seriously expected better for a case costing £85.00.

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    Nice little keyboard

    It is a great keyboard, lightweight and stylish. I bought it for the IPad 9.7 inch model as they are compatible. I love it as it doesn’t weight my bag down. It’s also easy to set it up. The buttons are light and feel nice to type with. However I have given it 4 stars as within the first 2 weeks, two buttons have pinged off. They just become loose and come off. Also it’s not easy to put them back. Considering the price, I would’ve expected more durability/longevity.

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