• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid this protective case - screen cracked!

    • Written by Thomas S from Bostock Green

    I have always used a protective case with my iPads. this is iPad 5 having started to use the first iPad when it was introduced. The case was sold to me by apple and is sold under the heading of 'Cases and Protection'. The case does not provide any protection on the edges where the speakers are and my iPad appears to have had some impact along the unprotected edge and the screen has cracked. Given the failure of the product to deliver and given that it was sold by Apple I will see what Apple has to say about the issue tomorrow, but would strongly recommend to avoid this case.

    This is not the only issue, within a couple on months the protective rubber feet have come off. More importantly, the issue of the iPad starting to play music - the last song played - even with slight pressure is another issue. I understand that the latest issue and replacement cases have addressed that issue.

    In addition to Apple, I am awaiting to discuss matters with a Logitech supervisor. after three tries still no success in talking to a supervisor who has to deal with this issue. I note that other Logitech user have had issues with Logitech and Apple support - we shall see what happens over the next day or two and what is offered by either party to resolve the issue.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed - not worth the money

    • Written by Andy H from NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS

    Really disappointed in this item. Functionally it is fine, but for a premium product compared to the build quality of the iPad it is very poor. The plastics are low grade and feel cheap, and the keyboard itself is flimsy and flexes a lot when typing. The keyboard will not fold flat back when using the tablet as intended originally, so it pops off and falls to the ground. The kickstand functions, but feels very flimsy and like it is about to disintegrate at any moment. I shall be seeking a refund.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t see what the fuss is about

    • Written by Chris B from Manchester

    Was cautious when considering buying this because of some of the negative reviews. However, I have to say that none of what some others are reporting are affecting me at all, which is great news. Some are reporting that the keys are accidentally pressed (music playing by accident) when lid is closed but this doesnt happen at all... in fact I closed the lid and pressed hard and no music played at all. So I had no problems whatsoever with the key positioning at all.

    Somebody reported the backlight going off too quick... the truth is that the light stays on for as long as you’re typing...stop typing and it goes off, so I dont get why thats an issue for anybody. It’s nice and bright and you can adjust the key brightness.

    The pencil holder is actually perfect. Nice and tight and the weight of the ipad doesnt weigh this section down at all unlike what is reported. The keys are super responsive for somebody like me who types at Superman speed. The flip out holder at the back allows multiple viewing angles which is amazing for using on the sofa, on the train, in bed, office desk etc. You can adjust brightness, volume, keypad light brightness and tons of other stuff. It draws power from the ipad itself but is totally unnoticeable. The keyboard can detach away from the ipad whilst leaving the case element still attached and trust me its a strong sturdy case and looks great. I am pleased I ignored the negative reviews and gave this a go. It’s well worth the money. Very happy long time customer here folks!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Issues hamper what could have been a good product

    • Written by Malcolm K from Fraserburgh

    This had potential to be an excellent iPad Pro keyboard case. I had the 9.7" iPad Pro with the Logitech Create case, which was ok but was not very conducive to productivity.

    I switched up to the 12.9 iPad Pro 2 and knew I'd go for the slim line for the removable keyboard, which really helps with digital art. However, after a few days I started to have the issues that many have mentioned on Logitech's community forum.

    1. Music auto play issue. This is the biggest issue. I've had music automatically play via iTunes at random times. Sometimes just after picking the iPad up, at other times I've take my bag out of the car to find music has been playing for hours.

    2. Pencil holder. The pencil holder is not ideal. You have to place the iPad screen down or else the pencil rests on the desk and takes some weight of the iPad, which over time may stretch the material and render the holder useless.

    3. The back lighting of the keys doesn't stay on long enough, which is a pain if typing in a dark room.

    4. The space key. I touch type and only use my right thumb to hit the space key. After 4 weeks the space bar is already starting to stick and doesn't feel as good as when I got the case.

    5. The kick stand. Its great on a desk, no complaints, but its awful for using on your lap. This was one thing the Create 9.7" case was actually fine for.

    I would not recommend buying this case until some of these issues are addressed by Logitech.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Promising but ultimately disappointing

    • Written by Henry J from BROMLEY

    I’m typing this on the iPad screen because the slim combo stopped working. When it was working the keys were top quality but when closed any pressure on the hinged edge would music play button. Poor design.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Closed case playing music at awkward moment...

    • Written by Ian S from BIRMINGHAM

    Generally pleased with the case and keyboard... but on several occations while carrying the closed iPad... the 'play' button must have been pressed within the case... resulting in music blaring out. The lastest occurrence was on the bus going home tonight... some particularly strident baroque organ music started!
    I have now disabled access to the Control Centre on lock screen... but it is a shame the design allows the keys to be pressed when the case is closed.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So Dissapointed! Make sure you read this review before purchasing

    • Written by Max H from Fowey

    I recently purchased a new iPad Pro 12.9 second edition.

    I wanted a keyboard case with great functions so already having an iPad Pro 9.7 and Apple keyboard, I was attracted by the Logitech offering as I wanted backlit keys and an extra kickstand. I also wanted the excellent Logitech extra row of iPad specific function keys, which in normal use are fantastic....

    BIUT.... and its a big one...... When the case is closed, the case is too flexible at its widest point on the keyboard and the slightest pressure (ie when in a backpack or heaven forbid a carry on case, results in the play/pause button being depressed against the screen and if you like me have made use of the excellent volume of the iPad speakers, you are treated to the last music track you were playing, blaring out from your chosen badge or case!

    This is a serious design flaw on what is quite an expensive item. I have contacted Logitech support for comment but am not holding my breath based on recent experience of dealing direct with them.

    Suffice to say, as soon as I return from my travels this week, this case is being returned under warranty for a full refund.

    So to recap, the design of the keyboard is such that your media will play if you press lightly against the closed case. Result, embarrassment, battery drain, possible scratched screen? The keyboard case could have been reinforced a bit more with lightweight aluminium or a continuation of the side bumpers but no. This got through quality control!

    Don't buy until this issue is confirmed as fixed. So dissapointed!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    18 months in the making - but worth it

    • Written by James E from Aylesbury

    I've had the original 12.9" iPad Pro since it was launched and have tried out many different keyboard cases, including the Logitech Create - all I have found wanting, mostly because they limited the screen angle or functionality in some way. I've had the Slim Combo for a week now and I'm really happy with it - it's very adaptable, the kick stand works a treat, typing is fast and responsive - there's not much to dislike here! I noticed a lot of reviews complained about the music controls being activated when in a bag but I've not experienced this. The case is durable and smartly designed (the fold-away wrist wrest is a clever touch) and essentially takes it's cues from the Microsoft Surface - which is no bad thing.

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