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    Very Poor HomeKit integration

    • Written by Jayesh P from Harrow

    I initially purchased the Logitech circle 2 security camera which was easy to setup with HomeKit and worked fantastic. Based on the experience with these - I was very happy with the setup - Having purchased the logitech pop I was totally disappointed with the experience. First of all the instructions are extremely limited. With the logitech circle you launch the app and the setup is done allowing HomeKit to be enabled - this has the advantage of being able to do firmware updates etc - HOWEVER on the logitech pop you have no option for this - you either setup as a logitech device on their app which means you cant use it on the homekit app - or you setup the HomeKit app - the first thing you will notice is the really long time you have to wait for the logitech bridge to be seen - and then the after that the buttons cant be assigned to HomeKit devices as advertised, which is really bad. If you look at the Ikea bridge - its simple you just add HomeKit and the switches work !! The problem is further heightened by the the lack of a customer service phone number - no live chat support - email responses in 48 hours - NOT GOOD. I am a bit disappointed that Apple has allowed logitech to use the HomeKit label when this product is not up to the high quality standards of Apple endorsed products - I just cannot believe Logitech would realise a product like this. The only reason I went to buy this product from an Apple retail store directly was that I found the one on Amazon didnt even have a HOMEKIT code to scan - Logitech's packaging on that was different from the one in the Apple store. For anyone interested in this product please read the reviews on amazon.com and you will see a fantastic review by someone who wrote an in-depth analysis of what I have said.

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