• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Tariq W from London

    I admit at first I was skeptic all about these earphones and thought they’ll just about do the job for what they are and I wouldn’t be impressed. Boy was I wrong! The features on these are crazy. The app that comes with it allows you to do so many things.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Japan innovation never fails

    • Written by Kajamalan U from Glasgow

    First the earphone I thought it was joke but is better than I thought. It charges and plays at same time thats the Pioneer innovation for customer who ha Iphone 7 or above. you can customise the settings on rayz app, what your earphone could do such as noise cancelling hear thru equalizer etc. it has plastic ear heads which feels cheap and light but the rest is fine quality meets for rest. the noise cancelling does work but its not Bose QC or Shure for best of best noise cancelling. On iphone you can use the Onkyo HF player App its same as music app on apple phone but its better if you want to customise equalizer to your headphones to your listening preferences lows mids and high is fine just need to tune to your ear for better listening. I have used many headphones. (Dr Dre Beats monster studio , Bose QC 30 Shure SE 535 and now this) End of the day you can bring better sound from mid price range headphone but you have to adjust the equaliser to your ear for enhancing the sound and bring out the sound that missed behind normal ear or head-phones.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by John E from Epsom

    Fresh out the box there was a loud white noise / Hissing sound coming from the left ear piece. Support is only achievable through painful emails whereby you have to keep sending details over and over unless you can convince someone to phone you and talk to you.

    The headphones themselves feel very cheap, with a thick cheap plastic cable. The ear pieces are light, uncomfortable and on a 'Y' configuration that is too short to adjust so you can't make one longer and wrap it round the back of your neck. The angle the headphones they are set at means that a light tug on the attached wire yanks them out of your ears.

    Not sure about the noise cancellation as the hissing was too loud but it felt like only very minor sounds were blocked so poor at best.
    Very disappointing considering a premium has to be paid buying the plus version.

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