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    Is this a joke Netgear ?

    This camera is not fit for purpose. At best there is a long delay in sound and picture. At worst (which is most of the time) it drops signal constantly or the image is so pixelated i can't even make out there is a baby in the picture. No joke. I am a network technician with commercial grade wifi (Ubiquiti 5Ghz) before anyone thinks i'm just on a slow wifi network. So many people saying the same on the Arlo support forums, so i know im not alone. No option to hardwire the camera, wifi only, and does not work if internet is down. Arlo technical help say that you get a better picture from outside your local network. RIDICULOUS. I have to leave my baby at home and go outside get on 4G to get a viewable live stream of my baby.

    Apple has just given me a full refund although its outside the 14 days. Apple you Rock.

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