• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stylish and working faultlessly

    I have now purchased two of the dimmers and they are working great with Homekit. They look great and I am now waiting for the 3 gang to come out later in the year.

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    Does it work with Homekit?

    Well probably the worst piece of home automation kit I have purchased. It was easy to install and works well as a dimmer switch. But that is what I have, a dimmer switch. Adding it the the Apple Homekit is near on impossible. The Lightwave app is clunky, not intuitive. Trying to login to the web app on my MAC is impossible. I can login to the app on my iPhone X, but not in Safari. Their software is miles behind such things like Philiips Hue. Apple why are we endorsing this on your website?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not suitable for sale as advertised

    Many of the advertised features do not work, and Lightwave RF just fob you off, this product was launched 3 months ago yet...

    "Built-in energy monitoring helps you to track your electricity consumption and save energy and money" is nowhere to be found

    "Create timers and automations to turn lights on/off automatically at dawn and dusk or for security when you leave the house" is not an option, this product will currently not integrate with any other service so there is no way for it to know you have left the house

    "Lock the dimmers so that they automatically turn off after a few minutes to save energy" is untrue, the lock in the app only disables the physical buttons on the switch

    Google home and IFTTT integration have been promised since launch but still no sign. It has the potential to be the right choice when it is finished, but based on the progress they have made so far, that could be years away

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