• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product but.....

    Good quality product - easy to install and looks smart BUT they must allow a higher temperature than 25c! Our thermostats control the underfloor heating and we need the floor tiles to be warm even when the room temp is over 25.
    Easy fix surely?

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    Excellent product!

    Clean design and easy app based control. Works well with standalone radiator thermostats to create separate zones within the house.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Self install. Was worried about the install but no need.

    You need the extension kit on the boiler to get this going. I was concerned about wifi signal to where the boiler is as its in an annex through thick walls but it worked.
    I did a lot of research, many people said that this was an easier install than Honeywell, I suppose I will never know. The install was so easy, in the UK you should have a isolator next to your boiler, this should mean that you will not even need to turn off the electric. I looked at PDF's of the boiler and tried to figure out how to install to no avail, that was my mistake (typical bloke I didn't read the instructions). My advice follow the instructions, its all done on the web after registering, it asks you the model number of the boiler and gives you a step by step guide of which cable goes where, once I rolled with this the whole thing was up and running in no time. Well designed and very easy to install, try an install for yourself before calling out a pro its so simple, like wiring a plus and hanging a picture level of complexity. Well done to Tado for providing the self install support like this.

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