• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless ANC heaphones

    • Written by Daire M from Enniskillen

    these are 1000% better than the Studio 3 wireless, these are worth the price you can never go wrong with them

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    Series 2 are way better than series 1. Would recommend!

    • Written by Joey H from high Wycombe

    Now, the internals are different for a start. Noise cancelling is adjustable on the series 2 whereas on the 1s they are mandatory. Series 2 includes better sound quality and lower bases, with little sound leaked outside the headphones. The physical changes are un-noticeable although on the left cup there is a small button which can be used to activate Siri or change the noise cancellation. They are definitely worth the extra £70. A great buy for my sons 6th birthday. They also work really well with the iphone X, which was also a gift for my son.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    My children wouldn't lend me their Beats so I bought these!

    • Written by Mark F from Clacton On Sea

    I've had these a while now and must say that although expensive I am delighted with them. I have a plethora of Apple equipment and also like Bose products having bought a lifestyle system and other items. These are offering a well balanced and comfortable quality sound. They are detailed and behave as I would expect from a premium brand. If you want the best i guess you have to pay for it and having tried most of the Sub £500 offerings out there I settled for these. An App allows updates on the software and also allows me to manage their operational aspects to a degree. Certainly a welcome addition to my musical requirements and good for watching films etc.

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    Great product

    • Written by Jonathan M from Troon

    I got these over a month ago and after using them i found that they are very comfortable, even after using them for more than 2 hours. My ears never got really sweaty and they remained comfortable through. The sound quality is great, even at high volume the clearness and crisp sound does not deteriorate at all. Very good quality with lambskin ear pads that are so soft and stay inplace even when i was moving about. Dont think they would be that good for running and other activities that require you to move alot. They are great for relaxing with some music, and thats how i use mine. Battery life is fine, i got on average a solid 6-7 hours and a recharge time of 3-4 hours. If your chilling with your music you cant go wrong with these.

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