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    My case cracked

    Have been using casing for about 4 months and removed phone a couple of time but case formed a crack horizontally just below camera lense. I have now used warranty which means they are due send me a brand new one. Not a particularly attractive case but does the job when it comes to drops. Just hope the next one doesn’t crack!

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    It is very disappointing.

    I echo the previous review: this case feels cheap and tacky.
    The material is definitely downgrading the flagship iPhone model.
    The rubber feel is cheap and badly cut. The hard plastic backing is ok in itself but feel tacky because the silver/gold/rose gold colours you pick are basically painted on it.
    The side profile is rectangular rather than the rounded edges of the phone which make this phone loses its charm and design altogether. The added bulk is not letting me type a text message with one hand. It's like holding an iPhone Plus.

    For this price point, it is very disappointing.

    I have always been a TECH21 person but I am looking for something else now.

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    Feel of the case is rough & cheap, would i recommend - NO.

    I've used TECH21 for all my apple devices & I can truly say I'm disappointed with iPhoneX case by TECH21 as its doesn't feel right.
    The edges of the case feels extremely rough compared to what they have produced previously for apple phones. The look is ok but they have again produced better. A flip case with rounded edges would ideal.

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