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    Just the job and reasonable price

    My Time Machine back up disc was showing signs of problems with the connector and was not working properly. My Mac has only usb2, I know I should get a modern one, but not at this time!
    When I came across this drive I thought it was great value and came with two connecting leads, so it was bound to work. Delivery was quick and it worked out of the box. No need to reformat! The connecting lead was great and I quickly had it backing up my macine. It was a lot quicker that my old drive, not up to usb3 standards, but very acceptable. It has continued to work for a couple of weeks and will last a long time, I am sure.
    Very happy with it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product!

    Operating System: Windows

    Great product, didn't work out of the box due to the OS but after reading the instructions to reformat it, it worked straight away, 931 GB of storage free to use for whatever I want. This drive is very fast, I can get up to 40 MB/s, but this will depend on the speed of YOUR internal hard drive.

    PRO TIP: if you're watching a film or youtube and your hands are cold, if the drive has been spinning for a while, it gets nice and warm, nothing concerning but can be used as a hand warmer.
    PRO TIP 2: It is a good idea to de fragment this drive once in a while as external drives do not have a regular de fragmenting schedule as an internal drive. A de fragmented drive performs better than a fragmented drive.

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