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    Do not buy if you have OIS on your phone

    iPhone 6S+ , 7 and higher all have optical image stabilisation which work against the gimbal, you cannot turn this off (no not even in Filmic pro, that only turns the digital image stabilisation off).

    I think it's a bit disingenuous of both Apple and DJi for selling this only through the Apple store, when it doesn't even work well with their current phones.

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    Excellent and good value iPhone stabiliser

    Lightweight, very easy to set up, a formidable battery life (a claimed 15 hours), and a very good price.
    In addition to stabilisation, the device allows the iPhone to be tilted and panned via a joystick. The DJI App connects via bluetooth and unlocks other features: zoom control from a slide switch on the side of the handle, and subject tracking—very useful.
    A USB A socket allows the iPhone to be charged from the device, but only in portrait mode. In landscape mode the iPhone lightning port is blocked by the mount.
    Product support is excellent. I initially had a problem with my iPhone 6S battery running down very rapidly whilst using the device and I got a response from DJI within an hour or so. Replacing the iPhone battery fixed it, so it was not a problem with the gimbal or its software at all, but it illustrated how responsive is the support.

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    Lots of jittering with video with this and IPhone X as the image stabilisation on the phone can't be turned off and causes all sorts of problems in video

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    Love it

    Bought a Steadicam Smoothie last year and it transformed the way I take videos on my phone, but it is really bulky and not something that I can carry around easily. So when I heard that DJI were releasing a motorised gimbal that was under £130, I just had to buy it and have not been disappointed. The next best gimbals were coming in at around £200+ so this was a real bargain.

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    OSMO MOBILE ll WOW....

    Received today and it is impressive... much lighter than the previous model, no changing batteries and even charges my iPhone!!!
    Feels a lot lighter to hold so no arm ache... And the price??? Much better!!!

    5 stars DJI, keep it up...

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