• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great router, but doesn't support network devices such as NAS drives

    • Written by Jonathan R from East Molesey

    I bought this router to assist a colleague who was having wifi problems with his home network - a two-node system was set up really quickly, but he immediately lost all access to his NAS drive, running via a Pi using OMV - he could browse to the device, but no content appeared. We installed a TPLink Archer instead, and instantly all problems were solved. I then tried a node on my own SOHO network, replacing a reliable but ageing AirPort Extreme. Again, set up was fast and easy, and I found I was getting faster download web access times than before. But, again, my NAS drive is completely uncontactable - *really annoyingly* it appears in the list of connected devices in the LinkSys app (another great feature), but I cannot even connect to it via the Apple Finder or it's own GUI via the IP address. All in all, a great router for gaming devices and iPads, but not good enough if you want to run a typical SOHO set up. A traditional router, like the C9 is a much better bet.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I am not recommend this product.

    • Written by R L from ST NEOTS

    Lots of buds:
    1. Parental control is not working. Even i switch on this function and set the blocking time, the devices are still online all the time.
    2. Parental control not allow for guest access. (I called the helpline of Linksys for asking how to set the parental control, the assistant just keep asking why i need to have the parental control for guest access.)
    3. U cannot add the MAC address for filtering until the devices are connected to your wifi.
    4. U only allow to set 3 devices for high priority, but it doesnt mean the devices, which set for high priority were put on the high priority speed.
    5. Many of the settings through the website are failed to use and never allow to save your own setting. U only allow to set through the App. Unfortunately, u hv to set the time access of parental control through website setting.

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