• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Seriously flawed but works - just

    • Written by Colin A from Newton Abbot

    I'm surprised Apple is selling this product as in my experience it is worse than the Time Capsule it would appear to replace and is causing a great deal of distress, with most devices working slower than before and one - a B&W airplay wireless speaker - not working at all, so I am having to sell it (or give it away). The three mesh devices were purchased to replace two Time Capsules (connected to Virgin Superhub 3) and the ONLY advantage I now have is that WiFi reaches my bedroom, albeit with very low speeds. I am sat at my iMac in the bedroom and have tested download speeds simultaneously using Ookla Speedtest on the iMac and the Linksys app on my iPhone (which also uses Speedtest). Curiously, and for reasons I don't understand, the Linksys app gives 223Mbps, which is as it should be, and my iMac gives 24.3Mbps. Even in the living room, which is where the Virgin hub and one of the Velops (?) sit, my Apple TV does not work as well as it used to and my LG TV is almost unusable as it takes some minutes for a film streamed in 4K from Netflix to reach high resolution, giving me 480p for some five minutes or so; thank goodness I have Apple TV! Furthermore, my HomePod cuts out from time to time, which NEVER happened with the Time Capsules. Even the Philips Hue lighting has become unreliable. This is a great deal of money to spend on something so unreliable but I don't see any alternative - until Apple themselves solve the home wifi problem.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    very poor replacement for airport

    • Written by Nigel G from Kingsbridge

    This is a step back into the old, bad days. Ignoring things like disgraceful use of plastic packaging, the units are only installed via a ludicrous app, which assumes a user age of 3 and has no access to the features that are clearly in the unit itself (I made the unit extend via ethernet for some hours before it stopped, so it can clearly do it, but the app has no facility to tell it to use ethernet). Cisco website support is almost non existent.

    Glacially slow and flaky to set up. Very disappointing if this is the best that Cisco can do.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Dire software + unreliable hardward

    • Written by Nicholas R from Edinburgh

    I will be returning this after 8 days trying it in a 3-story house with stone walls.

    The system is configured with an iOS app. It is very poor. It helps you place the nodes once but will not help again if you move them. And it has no facility for deleting a node other than deleting the whole system and starting again.

    When functioning properly, the hardware works well, but the satellite nodes (the ones not connected to the router) frequently become very slow, showing strong connections, but with ping times well over 2000ms. Sometimes, despite showing full strength Wifi, iPads, iPhones and Macs cannot download anything at all. (Turning WiFi on and off a few times usually fixes it.)

    The system does support WPS through the app (though it's hard to find), but only one of my two printers would connect to it. The PIN method didn't work for the second (older) printer either.

    I have just installed a Netgear Orbi 3-node system to replace it. The setup and software are much better, the hardware has a WPS button and three eithernet ports per node (rather than one) and (after admittedly only one hour's use) appears to be functioning much better. Among other things, both printers work.

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