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    Does not always work!

    I have 5 of these keyboards and they all suffer from the same issue. I love the typing action and have never experienced any problems with the USB ports as referred to in the comments. All keys function properly and are easy to use. The Fn key being in a different position has never bothered me. The are two main problems however - (1) The keyboard gets dirty quite quickly and (2) EVERY keyboard I have suffers from a capacitance issue that can only be resolved by unplugging the keyboard overnight when the computer is switched off or discharging it by disconnecting it and attaching a card reader to one of the USB ports to use up any retained charge. If I forget to do this I have to allow at least 30 minutes unplugged before the keyboard will function again. I have tried taking them all back to Apple Store in Kingston upon Thames but of course they are discharged by the time I get there and are found to be working normally! I believe the wireless version does not have this issue.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Keyboard...USB ports Pointless

    Bought this keyboard so I could have a desktop set up with my new 2015 MacBook. The keyboard itself looks great and is nice type on. The keys are laid out well and has all the apple fiction keys you would expect to find on a Mac keyboard. However the USB ports on the keyboard have so little power going to them that I can't even plug in a USB Flash key without getting the low power warning. As the new MacBook only has one usb-c port I would have thought that they would make its power output enough for the keyboard ports to be fit for purpose. Very disappointed.

    In a nutshell, if you are buying this keyboard to work with your new mabook, don't even think about being able to use the 2 USB ports!

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