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    Counting down the days..

    • Written by Lisa A from exeter

    When I have to replace this thing. The wires are now exposed and after less then a year of use. For something that's almost £70 I'd expect it to have a longer lifespan.

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    Macbook pro Charger

    • Written by Jay M from birmingham

    i only use my charger when my mac is dead i don't even use it much I've had it roughly since march/april 2012 and its just decided to pack up on me don't know what to do can i take it to shop and get a free replacement ? or do i have to fork out 65 quid ?

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    A few words of caution

    • Written by George T from Birchanger

    Like a few others, I've experienced the usual failure mode of this product - the broken cable where it exits the "brick".

    I too baulked at the cost of a replacement from Apple and repaired it by opening the case (relatively easy - it only seems to be welded/glued in four places), cutting out the broken section of the cable - which shortens it by an inch or two and soldering/ reinsulating/re-assembling the case and re-glueing sparingly with super glue.

    It seemed to work but I thought that the broken cable might have shorted and caused a potential problem for the longer term so, I purchased a replacement on ebay at half the cost of the Apple product. This duly arrived from Hong Kong and seemed to be identical to the Apple product - even down to the label.

    BIG MISTAKE!! Although it seemed to work OK I experienced some strange behaviour on the Trackpad. The cursor would move jerkilly and sometimes just lost it's accuracy. I proved it was the power pack by operating on just the battery and am now re-using the original power pack that I repaired - result; smooth cursor.

    Anybody want a Hong Kong copy of the Apple power pack - you too can have a cursor with a mind of it's own!!

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    6 months

    • Written by Sean P from London

    Bought this adapter in June, died in January. No problems until then. Now when I plug it in the orange/green light doesn't come on. Borrowing a friend's adapter charged the battery fine. £50!

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    60W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook (2006; Black)

    • Written by Ramindra P from Kingsbury

    My old charger burnt out and couldn't charge anymore so i decided to buy a new charger. I visited my local Apple shop where I found the new design above, I didn't like it at first but after sometime the design was sleek and really cool.

    I have had some problems such as the magnetic connector gets really hot, I don’t even know why that is and the new design also restricts how you hold or move your laptop. Overall I think this new charger was a good purchase, although there are some drawbacks, they will pass by and you will fall in love with it.

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    works but comes apart

    • Written by Jonathan S from Cheltenham

    cable comes apart at the power block in the middle, never wrap the cable around the provided hooks, it bends the cable form the block to your mac at a stupid degree, and frays it. still works, but risk of electrocution/burns :(

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    So far so good

    • Written by Nancy U from London

    It works now but I would have appreciated a big red arrow pointing me in the direction of the firmware update required for an older MacBook before I spent ages feeling like a dumb blonde when I couldn't get it to work.

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