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    • Written by Matthew K from Chigwell

    3rd macbook charger.
    apple really need to work harder. £65 for a replacement?? It barely ever works.

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    I feel I have been conned by Apple

    • Written by Alexina A from Helston

    Having converted to being a Mac user and enthusing about the simplicity ever since; I am now on my third power adapter in three months and if this rate continues it will make what was an expensive conversion a ridiculous cost. This adapter clearly has design faults, I thought I had been particularly unlucky until recently, when I read the reviews. As Apple are so clever with everything else Mac; one wonders why when they must be aware of the problem, are they charging so much for faulty goods, this will lose them trade in the long run. Maybe they are only produced in China?!

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    Not good product

    • Written by Barbara J from Dumfries

    I feel Apple need to look at their chargers. I have 2 MacBooks and both chargers broke within a few months. They are designed to wind round 2 hooks but this makes the wire that comes from the charger wear away and eventually break.

    Apple please redesign your chargers!!

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    Really Bad!!!!

    • Written by Sarah T from Aabenraa

    I bought my Macbook a year ago and is know about to buy my third charger. This is complete joke and robbery! I can not believe that a other so great product has such a terrible charger that constantly breaks! Im so tired of it and do not understand why apple does not make a new improved charger when they obviously knows and are made aware of that this is not working.... I will never buy another apple product if this is how they treat their customers.

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    A case for Dom Littlewood at the BBC I think!!

    • Written by kevin S

    I have only had my Macbook for about 4 months,and the charger has stopped working already,so I have had to borrow one until I can get a new one.I was advised not to purchase a cheap one ,so I came to this site ,for a genuine one,and saw all these negative reviews and could not believe it!!The laptop is great,after using a PC for years,but I feel let down badly by such a basic required part,and as for the price of a replacement-Apple you are taking us for a ride,you can not blame people for buying cheap copies,you should be reducing the price on this site to a comparable price.
    I will wait and see if I get a favourable reply from customer service before I contact Dom Littlewood at the BBC.

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    • Written by Samskie K from southampton

    This'll be my third charger in just under two years. Bought my 2009 Macbook Pro 13'' second hand nearly two years ago and the T shape charger that came with it broke about 6 months after purchase. I had another one in the house from a previous Macbook I had and that lasted little over two months. I bought a brand new L shape charger and it seems to be okay for now, though it needs a wiggle before it'll even work. Not only that, but I seem to get the occasional Kernel panic just minutes after I plug it in. I've tested this charger on both mine and my sister's 2011 macbook pro 13" with the same results. This is poor.

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    Worst product ever.

    • Written by Surjit S from HOUSTON

    I had "T" MagSafe, they stopped working so I bought "L" MagSafe. Now even these are not working. I have lost my receipt and Apple wont replace it. It is so disappointing. Won't be buying Macbook again.

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    Worst thing ever!

    • Written by gabrielle P

    These things don't even last you 6 months without breaking.. I've gone through 4 chargers within the last 2 years, one wasn't even glued together properly, and just fell out of the charger head. Seriously, you'll end up spending more on new chargers than you did for the computer itself.
    I was a Mac enthusiast until now.. so done with Mac products.

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    So disappointed

    • Written by Christopher J from Bournemouth

    I am having such problems with this charger. Considering my macbook cost over £1000 I am amazed that the chargers are such poor quality. It rarely decides to charge, overheats and is thoroughly temperamental. Apple - you can see all the reviews for your product... why don't you respond to this feedback, sort the problem and live up to your supposedly first class reputation. I expected better.

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    Very poor quality

    • Written by Katie A from NOTTINGHAM

    I have had my macbook for exactly 13 months now, and I'm already onto my third charger. The day I opened up my mac all 13 months ago, the charger was broken and didn't charge my mac at all, so I obviously got it replaced for free, however now it has broken again... this time the wires have become exposed by the magnet and the cable has been bent out of place here for months. After first noticing a slight bend in the cable, I took great care to make sure it would last, but alas my care was unable to help, as the charger broke anyway. £50 for a new one which I know will only last a year is ridiculous.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Awful quality product. Priced like something that works perfectly.

    • Written by Francis W from Harpenden

    I've had my 13" MBP since September 2010, and I'm just about to go out for my 3rd charger. This is awful from a company that prides itself in high quality hardware. The transformer gets hot and the contacts break.

    Please apple fix this, all the rest is of such excellent quality, I'm horrified to be plagued by such a simple problem.

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    The main reason I will be leaving Apple...

    • Written by David M from Cheltenham

    I've had a MacBook for just over 6 years. The original T-shaped power adaptor was replaced with another T-shaped adaptor after 3 years, and both failed for the same reason described in many of the reviews.

    I have returned two L-shaped adaptors in the last 2 weeks due to poor manufacturing quality. Both appeared intact when they arrived, but after 4 days of use (and no knocks etc.), the first one literally came apart, and had cracks all over it. Cracks started appearing in three seperate locations in the second one, and looked to be heading in the same direction as the first, so I have returned that as well. The older models couldn't be damaged in this way. The plastic chassis appears to be very poorly manufactured.

    If Apple can't get this fixed, then they can say good bye to a significant percentage of their market. MacBooks are too expensive to consider buying if the consumer can't be sure that the over-priced charger will even work.

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    macbook charger

    • Written by Paul B from DORKING

    5TH CHARGER IN 5 Years. laptop just used occasionally now. Have used apple computers for over twenty years and this is a liberty. Poor design. Jonathan Ive give back your knighthood you tea leaf...SHAME ON YOU APPLE.............

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    These Apple Powerpacks are useless

    • Written by Matthew D from Manchester

    We have two Macbook Pro'd in out house and both Magsafe Power packs have stopped working for no reason in the last month. My partners had hers for around 18months whilst mine was just a few weeks over the 12 Month warranty. GUTTED! This is getting expensive!

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    Terrible product

    • Written by Lucy L

    I have had my macbook for three years and this is now my 5th charger. What a joke!!! The first few times it just stopped charging I would have to move the wire around to get a charge but this time the plastic has melted and the wires are exposed only had this last one 4 months.
    The only positive is that as they break in less than a year it is always covered by the receipt so I do not have to pay for a new one.

    Terrible product I wish there was a 0 star rating as it is not worth a 1.

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    5th replacement in 4 years

    • Written by Lindsay E

    Shockingly bad product which lasts only a few months will be going to the apple store tomorrow for my 5th replacement in 4 years this one has only lasted 5months. Very poor product.

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    Another one bites the dust

    • Written by Ben B from Chichester

    I am on to my third one of these chargers and this one is slowly giving up the ghost. The cable melted and burst on the first one, The second one did the same and this one you have to shake to get it to work.

    Apple, it is not difficult to make a product that works and last a bit??? This charger, for the price and quality, is not even worth one star, but I had to give it one to get this review in. For £50-£66 this charger should be bomb proof, it is the only way to charge my MacBook Pro so it appears I am stuck? Sort your product out so they don't die every 4-6 months.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Shockingly poor

    • Written by Sam S from Ascot

    I’ve now had three break and always the same thing as what pretty much everyone on here has been saying. The longest i’ve had one last is about 6 months and at £50 a pop its an absolute joke. Put it this way I was very displeased to have to give this product one star. It deserves none.

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    Very Poor

    • Written by David D from Epsom

    I love my MacBook but these chargers are awful. I'm on to my third one. The last one gave out after 4 months, at £60 a pop this is ridiculous.
    I have an idea for Apple, spend some of that 100 billion cash pile on some charger R&D...........

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    Not as reliable as the macbook!

    • Written by Jason H from Reading

    I have now gone through three of these for a single macbook. Its a shame because something as simple as a power supply detracts from what is otherwise a great product (the macbook).

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