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    In common with others ... I would first state that: I LOVE my APPLE products and have done since 'going Apple' in the mid 1980s ... HOWEVER: whilst the MagSafe Power Adapters are a great improvement with the 'magnetised' little square connection to the MacBook itself ......... there would now seem to be an issue with the tendency of the wiring to 'coil in on itself' and the effect of heat .. or time ... or SOMEthing on the 'rubberised??' casing: because I have had to replace twice now because the casing has become discoloured and then disintegrated ... revealing the inner wiring ... and rendering it (them) unsafe and unusable :( It would be helpful if this problem would be addressed ... please ...... lovely people at Apple! (and as others point out replacement means replacing the WHOLE unit ... to wastage of un-necessary resources AND unnecessarily expensive replacement ..... it would be appreciated if you would address this matter too, please, Apple)

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    Poor build on adapter connections generally

    Two things I'd love to see Apple improve...

    I believe I'm not the only one with this problem.

    Adapters are a product in constant daily use for most of us and its that little neck of the protective plastic that is the first to start to fray and inhibit connection. Not just on MacBooks but on all Apple power adapter devices I've the pleasure of using.

    It would be very helpful to have available adapter replacements for the computer inputs without the plug section, so just the section that connects to the computer. Most reviews, if not all complain about fraying, replacement is a hefty £65. I would be happy to pay for a replacement if it were less money and greater quality. As it stands I feel fleeced to spend this money as I do with replacement iphone chargers - too expensive for something that doesn't last well.

    Secondly please, your new fancy designed plugs are a devil to place in and pull out of wall sockets. Please consider improving, I feel like I need to wear rubber gloves to grip them without breaking nails.

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    Having to buy another of these because mines torn itself to shreds. Not happy.

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    Not good enough

    It can move around in the socket and at times doesn't connect fully, mine has also split after less than 12 months of use which has resulted in showing the inner insulation of the cables. When I pay over £2000 for a laptop I expect it's accessories to last longer. Theoretically a great product, however in reality it needs improving. I should not need to pay £65 to replace it every 11 months!

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    lasted 1 year

    even though it's just a cable problem where it connects to the computer, you have to change the whole thing. not good.

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    Great concept poorly executed

    I am about to move to my third cable in as many years - problems arise from stress on cable at point of connection resulting in damage to insulation and/or cable underneath over time. I can only echo other appeals for a replaceable cable that connects to the transformer block. Would still be frustrating to have to replace but far more economical. Really not what I have come to expect from Apple, and the body of reviews demonstrates that these adaptors are a weak (but vital) link in the product chain.

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    not great

    I've had my Mac Book Pro for just 14 months and my charger has died. As per usual Apple have gone for aesthetic over design... the cable leading into the laptop is flimsy and comes apart quickly - meaning that it only has a life time expectancy of 1 - 1.5yr. I'm not impressed at all, especially as a new one costs £60?! A complete rip off.

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    Faulty after 12 months!

    Very dissapointed to find that a charger for a MacBook only lasts just over 12 months! I wonder how many "additional" chargers Apple sell... Due to faulty items which are not covered under guarantee! :( Time to shed out another £60!

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    They kinda fixed teh second most important problem...wow great job

    While its fine and dandy that they changed one end of the cord, its the other end that is most likely to malfunction. I love my macs no doubt about it - but the magsafe adapters make me hate apple. The magsafe is such an expensive devise and at the same time the cord is so prone to braking off where it is connected to the charger. And then you cant just buy a new cord...you HAVE to buy a whole new charger...this is both very bad for the consumer and also for the environment. I really hope apple will soon realise that this way of milking costumers is not viable in the 21th century.

    So I beg you Apple: please fix the real problem and make a magsafe with a detachable cord.

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