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    This charger gets extremely hot and the cable is very weak. Not a good design at all had to buy another one. I hope apple refund my money on the product.

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    Quality - I think not

    After spending over £2500 on a laptop I would have expected the charger to have lasted a little longer that 16 months. I am not a heavy user but the charger had now 'frayed' at the mag 2 connector showing the metal grading around the cable itself. It is a poorly designed and poorly constructed piece of equipment which lets down the whole product. I just wonder what Apple were thinking of.......

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    This product is a potential fire hazard - beware!

    The body of this power adapter overheats something terrible. It is dangerous and a fire hazard. Today the cable coming out of the main unit melted exposing the internal wires. In the process it melted a hole in the carpet it was sitting on. Overheating seems to be a recurrent problem with this design. Tomorrow I will see what the Mac Store has to say about this. I assume that they will replace the product for free.

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    Poor Quliaty

    My MacBook Pro Retina is only 8 months old.. the charger is already broken, the cable is very weak and there is an obvious stress point that was not taken care in the design. Now I have to buy a new one :(

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    Dangerous, poor design & rubbish quality!

    I have had three Macs, the Retina being my fourth. Not a single MagSafe Charger has lasted longer than a couple of months and have had to constantly travel back and forth to an Apple Store to get replacements (Thirty minute drive each time, Apple Resellers take 3-5 working days to replace the item)

    The Apple MacBook is a fantastic product but let down by the chargers! The cables always fray leaving the wires exposed which is extremely dangerous. My previous MagSafe2 charger would get extremely hot and fray which resulted in sparks and actually melting the product. My new one has frayed in a few months despite taking extra care of the product.

    Furthermore, the size of the mains plugs has been reduced which is very hard to remove from mains sockets.

    No-one expects paying so much for a product that has such a short lifespan.

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    Corporate strategy over consumer's experience

    We all love Apple. We buy their iProducts because they function better than those of Apple's competitors, and they look prettier too. But we are all also aware of Apple's ruthless profiteering, and this product is a perfect example of their charge for cash coming before the user's experience. It appears of secondary importance that the product function well for a sustained period of time. The charger won't even come close to lasting the lifetime of the mac itself. It's such transparent monetising, and actually really very annoying. £65 every two years is a sick joke, and it's just SO fitting that they break within days of the EU warranty's running out. Apple; you have GOT to sort this issue out, because I look at my currently-uncharged (and unchargeable) MacBook and feel disgusted by your bleeding me for still more money. I love your products, but - cynically - at this point, it doesn't make sense for me/us/anyone to keep buying them when they're clearly designed to necessitate further expenditure after relatively little usage. Disappointing, upsetting, but ultimately, Classic Apple: I am an iFool.

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    Very very poor.

    The cable is a year old and has already disintegrated in 2 places, typical apple poor build quality in their accessories, the best designers in the world and you think they build them poorly accidentally?

    Not a chance, cut it out apple, hopefully applecare will cover this.

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    Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro with Retina display)

    I am surprised and disappointed that Apple has not rectified this problematic cable. From numerous reviews of this product you realise that this product has a fatal design error and its a matter of time before it breaks. Mine just did.
    I am araid this is 'NOT APPLE'

    Loyal customer

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    For once, truly awful design and poor quality from Apple. Yes, really.

    I have three Macbook Retinas in the family. All three have these power supplies. Prior to this, I had Windows laptops for over 20 years. No power supply ever failed. *All three* of these have failed. In their extreme cleverness, Apple have created a thin low voltage wire with soft outer cover. Feels great, like all Apple products (though I don't feel my power cables very often). But it rides up the wire, and bunches together, and eventually tears open, revealing the wires. Ultimately, after about 12-18 months, they start to short out. Come on Apple! Get your act together and re-invent this so that they last longer than 10 minutes. I'm happy to pay Apple for better products, but paying more for this garbage is insulting.

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    Works Great for just over a year

    Then like every other user on here the cable tears, I could tell it was going to do it for about the last 6 months as it kept sitting itself at one point where it began to curve the wrong way. Sure enough it split and now I need to find £65 for another rubbish one, they could at least acknowledge it is terrible and sell it about the £15 mark!

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    Shockingly Poor ...

    This product is so poor, it's laughable. All the painfully slow, monotoned Sir Jony Ive interviews I've endured over the last decade telling me how design is the most important thing since the pending second coming and yet the Apple design team are clearly incapable of securing a cable to a plastic box at one end and an aluminium plug on the other. Nearly burnt my house down today. Truly terrible.

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    Fantastic charger that is designed to need replaced after warranty.

    The charger it's self is great, the magnet connection is fantastic and keeps your macbook safe from accidentally catching your cable and flinging it off the table, the magnet simply unclips before any disaster happens!


    Both my mother's and my own have split and frayed after 2 years, just outside the EU 2 year consumer warranty. The rubber skin covering the internal cables seems to slowly "bunch up" after the year mark, and begins to split towards the 2 year mark. It is clearly an issue with heat - whether apple have decided to design the outer to expand over time or the inside to shrink from heat - its happened 3 times in a row in my household so there is no way this is a coincidence. Apple in store blamed me, saying I shouldn't use my macbook whilst it charges? Why would I own a laptop and not use it at a desk on charge? that is utter nonsense! I'm deeply unhappy about this, apple NEED to fix their terrible cables. Lighting cables do the same thing.

    I have cables for amps, TVs, speakers etc that have lasted for years without a flaw. Both myself and my mother are on our 2nd charger costing 65 each, only to know it will break soon enough. It is ridiculous.

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    The cable burnt through

    At first the power adapter seemed to work as to be expected with no complaint. However, after 5 months of owning my MacBook Pro, the power adapter began to get extremely hot with every use. With the length of cable that leads immediately to the magnet, it seems too thin to deal with everyday wear and tear. It is this cable that burnt through after 8 months of usage. Another general complaint of mine - for all the MacBook power adapters in general - the plug grip depth is insufficient. Apple have reduced the size from regular shaped mains plugs, and in doing so have made a product which can be hard to remove from mains sockets. I witnessed a family member try to remove their own MacBook power adapter from a mains socket and in doing so get a electric shock. Because of the short depth of the plug grip, they ended up hooking their fingers around the edge to make contact with the metal pins whilst the plug was only half way out of the mains socket. After that incident, a reduced plug grip size for the sake of refined aesthetic design seems utterly ridiculous. I have had no issue with the magnet strength.

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    So so bad, the charger and Apple response

    Not even a year since I had it with my Macbook Pro 15" Retina display, and got the cable broken. Now they say warranty does not cover the cable. Horrible

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    Very disappointing.

    I bought my Macbook pro 13 inch retina display late august and today the charger cable split which revealed the inner wiring giving me a couple of shocks. It still charges the macbook but I'm not sure how safe it is given the exposure of the wires. The price is ridiculous considering how poor it seems to be. This is evident in all the other complaints on this forum, sort it out Apple.

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    i'm on my third one in 3 years

    The first lasted nearly 2 years and the the cable out the brick started to go... it had a good innings but I was insulted by the price when I had to stump up for a new one.

    The second... well I made sure I was going to look after this. 5 months in it just stopped working... i pulled it out the wall socket... tested the socket.... all good... I switched to the extended wire plug bit and slide that on... BANG the fuse went straight away with a big spark from inside the brick.... So thats 2x fuses gone and no damage to the exterior of the product. Must be poor quality wiring inside.

    I'm going to return the product and insist they have it sent to be inspected. I expect more for a product of this price.

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    Split cable - dreadful

    Would give 0 stars if possible. All Apple products from the last 5 years (3 laptops, 1 tablet and 2 phones) I have owned have had the cable split. Absolutely dreadful and makes me consider not buying any of their products in future, what a waste.

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    Not good news

    I am just about to purchase my 2nd cable after reading all the reviews. I have had exactly the same thing happen to mine as 99.9% of all the reviewers have. I was talking to a friend about it and he wondered if it could be the Magnet used to keep the cable in place?
    Aside from that it is a wonderful laptop but this cable nonsense is a real smack in the face for loyal apple users.

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    Lousy Adaptor - been through two now. One replaced under Apple Care. At £65

    If I could give this zero stars I would. My Mac is a thing of beauty but it's let down by this ridiculously designed adaptor with a big power cable, large adaptor and a tiny cable attaching to the Mac. As stated by many other victims this thing is not fit for purpose.

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    Badly designed

    Quoting NYTimes: "The beauty of the MagSafe connector was that Apple had found precisely the right balance between attachment and detachment. Strong enough to hold the connector in place, weak enough to detach if it gets yanked.

    The MagSafe 2 connector fails that balance test. Badly. The magnet is too weak. It’s so weak, it keeps falling out. It falls out if you brush it. It falls out if you tip the laptop slightly. It falls out if you look at it funny. It’s a huge, huge pain."

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