• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very poor quality

    The design and quality of this product is very poor. It overheats and the cable frays, even with careful use. To make matters worse, it is ridiculously expensive. Does little to promote the image of Apple products.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    On my Third Charger now - They are rubbish !!!!

    For someone known for good design, Apple must have all bee on holiday they day they designed this!
    The cable starts to come apart from the magsafe connector in less than a year, & then shortly after that the white outer cover starts to break up close by too.
    For a charger costing £80 this is just rubbish
    Shame you cannot give zero stars

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    About every two years I need to get a new charger because the cable melts and sparks.

    Lucky I have been in the same room when noticing this and to avoid further damage, like my house burning down.

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    Will break eventually

    The macbook pro retina charger is very much form over function. More so than the laptop itself. Mine lasted about 27 months with diy duct tape repairs at both the magsafe end and the power cord end. If you have to replace this don't go to the apple store first. I got one from a very popular high street electronics store for £30 and its pretty much brand new. Apple should not be charging these ridiculous prices for a charger from a previous generation laptop.

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    Another year, another replacement charger, another £80 :'(

    To anyone who rated this product more than 1 star... what were you thinking? Shocking that replacement chargers aren't free, there is clearly an issue with the design... admit it apple!!!

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    It's great but…

    I do love Apple. Their products are so nicely designed and are convenient. For example the mag safe feature has saved my MacBook countless times from flying onto the floor. This charger did last me about 2 years but went out with a bang. From what I can tell it overheated and shorted out. Baring in mind that it was not in a enclosed location, and was exposed to open air and a free flow of air; I was kind of disappointed. Then further looking at the cost to replace it I was even more disappointed. I don't know if this issue has been fixed with the new USB-C charger but if it hasn't I feel it should be taken into consideration that these chargers do have a tendency to overheat and potentially short.

    Overall this is a great charger but bare in mind overheating is an issue.

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    Can this be made better please?

    I've lost count of the number of these chargers i've had to buy over the years.

    They all go in the same two places. Either the cable coming out of the adaptor frays. Admittedly they are better than they used to be in this aspect. Or mainly the pins that power the laptop push in and don't connect.

    Please sort it out or charge less for it!

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    Utter, utter rubbish

    Absolute, unadulterated garbage, at a price that would be funny if you had a choice whether to pay it or not. Like virtually everyone else reviewing this abomination, mine broke after 13 months of static use on a desk - never put in a bag or even moved around the house. Simply stopped working. Apple should be utterly ashamed. Only giving it one star because negative stars are not an option.

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    Terrible Design - Need to replace every year or two

    Going on to my third adapter, weak cables not in line with the build quality one expects when you pay a premium price. The cable gauge is too fine for a power cable and there is insufficient strain relief going into the adapter and mag safe cable. The clip for wrapping the cord is what did my second adapter in, causing the outer cabling to tear. Have had alot of laptops over the years and Apple's are the only power adapters I have ever had a problem with.

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    Terrible design

    I'm on my 3rd supply. They just break so easily on the cable and wow do they get so hot. Really needs re-think - it cannot be just for me to spend £3'300 on a laptop and be on my third power supply. Ridiculous.

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    Absolutely awful - Fire hazard

    Having been impressed with the MacBook Pro itself I am extremely disappointed with the Magsafe2 85W Power Adapter. This seems to be a fire hazard at the very least, it gets so hot that it has actually burned through the outer wire at the adapter and now exposed the inner wiring. Having looked on the website new ones are priced at £80 which to be honest is completely extortionate and a joke for what it is not to mention the fact the reason I need a new one is no fault of my own. I think this really needs to be looked at for any future models.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Charger Ever!!!!

    This charger is the best charger I have ever owned and have saved my Macbook Pro Many times from people tripping over the cable and pulling my laptop instead of the charge just snaps out with the magnetic connection. Plus with the indicator light it lets you know when its charging and when it is done charging.The charger charges my mac from dead to full power in just under half an hour. the cable is just the right length with the ability for you to choose from two different lengths with the attachment of the plug with or without the cable. I have had issues with other chargers getting too hot during charging but the MagSafe 2 adapter barely gets warm. I love this charger and would definitely recommend it!!!!

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    Dreadful and dangerous

    Second 85w charger just packed up - lasted less than 12 months. Overheats to the extent I dare not leave it unattended and thinner cable frays at point it attaches to adaptor. Very poor product. Thinking of replacing MacBook Pro and if Apple do nothing about this then it's off to the Microsoft Surface Pro for me. What a shame.

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    Same quality issues - and very expensive

    I've experienced the same issues with one of my MacBook pro magsafe power adapters. The other one is perfectly fine.

    The first cable (about 2 years old) has shredded at the magnetic adapter end and heats up hot enough to burn my fingers getting it off. The unit itself also heats up to an incredible temperature. Both were sourced directly from Apple, yet, this is the kind of quality I might expect from some rip off copy.

    Strangely, I have never had this issue with my other MacBook pro (same model, a few months younger - one is for work, the other family. The adapter that has failed has been the least mobile - tends to sit on a desktop; whilst the one with no issues has been packed in bags and carted around. It suggests quality control issues with some batches ok and others faulty.

    So, what are Apple going to do about this? Personally, I am going to demand a refund as, under UK consumer laws, this qualifies as a design or production fault that should be refunded regardless of the age of the product. Perhaps more importantly, it must be a fire hazard. Last, the cost of these is outrageous, particularly given the quality.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor adapter, not had one last longer than 2 years

    My 18 month or so Macbook retina has a failed magsafe 2 adapter. The unit gets very hot and died what I would consider very prematurely. The same thing happened with my first macbook air so I'm very disappointed having to buy 2 or 3 adapters through the life of 1 laptop.

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    Extremely poor upper cable, but brings in some of apples Revenue !

    What is there to say really, on my 3rd charger now and its always the upper cable that splits and then burns up. Have decided to acquire accessories to stop fraying on the two ends of the thinner cable. This will be my last charger i buy. Its disgraceful how a company can know of such bad quality in its chargers but not take action. But apple is not the company it once was.....

    Simply put..... we have no choice but to buy this bad charger, but look online there are some amazing accessories to stop the cables breaking too much.

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    Suprised by all the negative reviews...

    I have just had to replace the charger on my 2012 retina macbook so 4 odd years service from it. This is very similar to all the PC laptops Ive owned.

    All I can think is that i just pitch my cable into my bag when i move it rather than neatly wrapping it up so maybe I'm applying less pressure to the joints?

    4 years in my old Dell was dying on all fronts, this is the only part of my mac (other than one foot) to break in any way. Frankly im impressed..

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    The worst thing  make

    Apple and their cables. It's an age-old tale. They've always been absolutely awful. These are no exception. I'm a careful cable user and mine has basically shredded with bits of the inside strengthening metal poking out along the length of the business end and the dye used on the inner sheathing has leaked through making most of the cable a nice green colour.

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    Worse than bad.

    I genuinely can't believe that the charger has stopped working and it has probably been just under 2 years since I bought my macbook pro, it started wearing a turtle neck a month ago and I knew the end was near, and today the cable looked like it was burning as it changed colour! If other companies are able to create durable chargers (my old Sony laptop and the charger STILL WORKS!), I expected Apple to make better chargers, especially seeing as I've paid over twice the amount for my macbook. You guys probably do this on purpose so that customers are forced to buy another charger and spend money but this is a terrible thing to do. Now I have to spend extra money of a new charger UGH. I will no longer be purchasing Apple products in the future, I stopped with the phone a long time ago and now it's time to say bye to the MacBook.

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    Short Life - Big Price Tag!

    I like one of the other people reviewing spent over £2000 on a MacBook Pro a few years ago. It has had very light use due to mainly working from my desktop Mac and this mainly for home or travel if needed.

    I have literally probably not even had this into charge 50 times and the adaptor has now gone and will not charge the laptop at all. Really dismal effort from Apple with the adaptors for most of their stuff. Annoying that your products let your customer down when they need them the most and in the end have to go spend £65 on a new adaptor that has had little use at all from a big price tag item.

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