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    Poor Design and Weak Build

    There appears to be a common thread in reviews here and mine will be no different. After about 2 years usage the cable at the end of the adapter has frayed and fully torn. In two separate places no less!

    The charger does its job, but it is clearly not built to last. There are now numerous threads of live wire exposed in the places where the cable has torn open.

    I would also like to clarify that this has come from regular usage. I don't travel with it that frequently and it usually stays in one room in an area without much movement.

    Though, based on stories I've heard and read I also wouldn't recommend buying a replacement charger from anywhere else other than Apple. As with most things Apple, you will have to put up with buying their incredibly expensive, proprietary - and in this case, poorly designed - items.

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    Doesn't wear very well

    This is the third one my daughter has broken in as many years. Not cheap to buy. It would be better if the 3 parts of the unit were split so that just the broken part could be replaced instead of having to keep buying the whole unit each time.

    Same as the iPhone cables. My son has gone through at least 20 apple chargers for his gadgets over about 5 years. The genuine Apple ones don't last much longer than 6 months if that.

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    Beautiful design but very poorly built

    As with virtually everyone else here, my cable has just frayed at the point where it joins the charger block. And here I am - a year after buying my laptop - after a new charger.

    I do marketing for a headphone company and its actually a big deal to talk about how robust and reinforced the cables are, as when these break the whole product is useless. Apple should take note - if a product is built to travel and to be used day in day out it needs to be built durably, particularly if its an electrical device.

    I actually love the charger design - its so compact, so light and actually attractive looking, but astonishly weak. It will make me think twice before paying a premium for a retina MBP rather than a top level Windows option in future, which I never thought I'd say. I'm actually quite disappointed as this has worn far worse than my old Macbook Air charger - and both were treated the same.

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    ive had my mac for 5 months and i go to plug it in tonight and it has just completely stopped working..
    not happy.

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