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    I don’t even know why I’m writing this because everyone else is saying the same. About to order my THIRD charger/cable! The first one broke at the adapter box which was pretty disappointing as it worked for a few years (2 years at least) and my second charger has just broke! It won’t charge my MacBook, every time I take the charger out of the laptop whilst it’s on, it will shut down the whole thing! Poor quality I must say. I can’t believe Apple are not taking notice or action to these reviews or to problems with their products. Ridiculous!

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    Poor quality power supply

    I am in agreement with the other reviewers here. The cable is of poor quality and the design at the laptop plug end is very poor. Given that this is potentially dangerous from a fire hazard point of view, I would have thought that Apple would have acted by now to update power supply and replaced existing customer's power supply's.

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    Over-priced and poor quality

    Huge price to have to pay for a piece of kit which should simply be better designed. Poor quality cable with short lifespan and no ability to buy separate components - which is not only a waste of money but an unsustainable and short-sighted mistake. The charger is flimsy and easily damaged, particularly at the head where the thin cable is unsupported. Very unhappy with the product's longevity and price. Surprised that Apple haven't picked up on this because many others seem to have had similar issues and feel the same way.

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    Rubbish quality of a cable

    Broke under warranty and got a replacement. The replacement lasted only one year and then the whole thing came apart.

    What is happening to Apple products seriously!?!

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    Poor Quality

    The charger cable frayed at the base - not acceptable as it has been well looked after.

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    Bad quality

    I've spent more on replacing magsafe(s) than on the macbook itself.

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    After reading these comments I was very worried that I would have to spend money on buying a new charger (mine frayed after having it for two years and it stopped working completely) I booked a genius appointment at my apple store, I don't have apple care and I received a replacement charger for free. The person I spoke with was very helpful and sorted the problem very quickly! This was at the Southampton store. I advise to book an appointment before purchasing the charger! :)

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    2nd Charger Snapped...

    I don't see the need in re-typing what everyone else seems to be saying. Build quality, price, reliability... all unacceptable. You can create a Mac that can do pretty much anything and is amazing... yet you can't create a plastic charger that doesn't fall to pieces.

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    Cable frays and falls apart quickly.

    Dreadful quality cable. As many have said, about to have to order my third one (hence writing this now while searching for one). Each time apple store tells me "looks like bad wear and tear" and I have to pay for a new one when its simply poor quality material. I explain each time how the quality is poor and it has very little movement but they just won't have it, but say if it happens again they'll look into and replace it. Same painful process each time though as its different staff or store when it happens again. Sick of it. The quality of the outer sheathing is shocking. It yellows fast, frays, splits and falls apart very quickly. I have had the same issue on every official iPhone charger cable too in the past 4 years which is the same outer sheathing. Apple must be fully aware of it but clearly haven't bothered to address it in years. Get your act together apple. I'd say stay well away from this item if it wasn't essential.

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    The worst product I've ever used

    I have had 4 of these and they've all broken.

    All frayed.

    4x £80 I can hardly believe it.

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    Buying a replacement --- Again????

    Seriously, I'm having to buy my 3rd charger in 3 years. It's one charger per year at this rate! Apple have really let down their customers on this part of the deal. Anyone considering the Apple MacBook Air will have to factor in the replacement charger costs.

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    Awful product not fit for purpose

    Fuming that I'm having to buy another one after it frayed near connector - 3rd adapter purchase in a few years.

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    Frail cable

    Same problem as everyone else. The cable frays at both ends leaving the wires exposed, leading to it not charging properly as well as being a electrical hazard. Yes apple is known for having expensive prices, but £79 for a charger is obscene especially when it breaks so easily and fast.

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    No idea what you are all talking about regarding the reviews you are all giving, had my original MACBook Air charger for just over 3 years and its still all working fine, in fact I am about to purchase another for the office so its permanently their so do not have to mess about... although you could says its being lazy.

    Seriously I have seen the way some MAC's are treated and have to say if you treat your MAC like garbage then do not expect it to last!

    Thanks ... satisfied customer.

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    rubber frays causing it to fail and over priced.

    This is the second replacement I have Bought since 2014. The previous one lasted less than a year. the rubber at the end of the cable (laptop side) keeps fraying eventually causing it to fail this is just through everyday use that you would expect from a laptop charger. it is also massively over priced at £79. for this price you should expect it to last.

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    Piece of utter garbage. Third one in almost 4 years.

    I'm generally the type of person to look after expensive products, however I travel with my Air a lot commuting to uni and up & down the country to home, so yes the cable has been well used. However considering what a luxury product it's charging I'd expect the cable to last more then two years at the tune of £70+. The rubber bends and snaps at both ends, especially if you're using the travel version a lot. Forgive me Apple for not wanting to lug around the giant adapter but surely using the travel components shouldn't mean your products design falls apart. Rope platting looks far nicer then your cheap useless rubber, so believe me if I could buy a third party adapter for my Mac like I have my phone, I would. The only good thing about this charger is the aspect that apparently makes it frail, if I could give a product 0.5 stars out of 5 I would.

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    It BURNED me

    It was fine for the first couple of months but then it kept overheating randomly and then one time it burned my finger when i went to touch it so then i knew something was up. They are way too overpriced considering the bad quality and now it doesn't even charge it just keeps it at the same percentage.

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    Very Poor Build Quality

    I've had a MB Air for approximately 5 years. It's a great laptop and been very reliable. Unfortunately, the power adaptor is a poor design and the cable joining the white block keeps fraying; I've had to buy 3 news ones at £65 a time. Given that Apple is supposed to be a premium brand, I would expect much better reliability, particularly given the price. Very unimpressed.

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    I feel like Apple have bent me over the table and...

    What a joke... 4th one in two years (two for my macbook pro.... two for my air). The magsafe cable connector is a flimsy piece of junk. As others have said - it splits and frays really easily. Honestly, this charger is sooo poor, I'm contemplating going back to Windows. I'm sick and tired of spending £65 on these useless pieces of #### There, I said it... this charger is ####!

    At least make it so the flimsy end can be detached and easily replaced. What a waste... I have four broken charger units in a box.... and about to order another. £325 on chargers.... Apple, you (draw into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lips and mouth to make a partial vacuum) - your censorbot won't let me say that you [kcus]

    I'm not swallowing this any more... thats it... yes - you've just lost a customer because of your useless piece of #### charger... oh, I also LOVE ANDROID!!!!!! does that hurt you? well, I bet it doesn't hurt as much as the pain you've caused my wallet!!!!

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    Cable split near the MagSafe 2 connector

    On the whole I have been pleased with the MagSafe 2 power adapter for my mid-2013 MacBook Air. It is a good size, weight and form factor.

    The major redesign element from the MagSafe 1 was the angle of the connection, under some circumstances it makes perfect sense. However, my usual workstation has the power outlets to the right of the desk, meaning that the cable often had a fairly tight radius curve around the back of the Air to the DC input on the left hand side. No surprises as to where the cable has split.

    I also needed a replacement MagSafe 1 power adapter for my previous mid-2011 MacBook Air as the cable on that split too. Hopefully the next redesign by Apple will incorporate a detachable cable on the DC side of the power adapter.

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