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    Love my MagSafe 2

    • Written by Colin L from Edinburgh

    Seeing all these negative reviews has prompted me to add a bit of balance. I've had my MBA for about 5 years and power cable looks and works like new. It is fairly light and compact and plenty long enough. I just love the magnetic connection and the little light on the connector indicating whether the battery is fully charged. Definitely a design classic and a shame that it has been superseded on new MacBook models.

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    • Written by Sarah L from Southampton

    After reading these comments I was very worried that I would have to spend money on buying a new charger (mine frayed after having it for two years and it stopped working completely) I booked a genius appointment at my apple store, I don't have apple care and I received a replacement charger for free. The person I spoke with was very helpful and sorted the problem very quickly! This was at the Southampton store. I advise to book an appointment before purchasing the charger! :)

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    • Written by Saeed A from Nottingham

    No idea what you are all talking about regarding the reviews you are all giving, had my original MACBook Air charger for just over 3 years and its still all working fine, in fact I am about to purchase another for the office so its permanently their so do not have to mess about... although you could says its being lazy.

    Seriously I have seen the way some MAC's are treated and have to say if you treat your MAC like garbage then do not expect it to last!

    Thanks ... satisfied customer.

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    Learn to take care of your possessions; Or, haters gonna hate.

    • Written by A T from Bromley

    Amazed at the frothing outrage this product seems to have encouraged. Had mine for around four years and no sign of wear and tear or "dangerous" overheating to date… and as for the comments about the cable being shoddy; our has withstood many a ferocious kitty mauling! Perhaps the good folk of Grumpton on the Whine would do well to remember that a] one must care for one's possessions if they're to last, b] nothing lasts forever and c] on the rare occasion a dud sneak out of the factory and plops in your lap, Apple will, in all likelihood, exchange it for a good 'un with neither fuss nor fanfare should you take the trouble pop along to a store for a polite chat with your friendly neighbourhood Genius™. :)

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