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    Awful design, over priced and breaks easily.

    Apple I love your products but I have to say your charge leads are awful.

    They break easily they are over priced and they are not long enough.

    When you have multiple Apple products and family members using them you begin to realise how bad they are.

    Standard Usb leads work fine..

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    Once again disappointed

    Like everyone else, my leads keep breaking!

    I purchased my third cable in a year (2 metre ong as the standard is impossibly short) at the end of December. It is now the beginning of February and it has already broken in less than two months!

    Expensive and unreliable!

    Deeply disappointed with Apple and the quality and price of their products.

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    I've had to replace my lead because it had deteriorated so much

    First of all why is the lead so short? Secondly when you try to tidy away it's next to impossible to wrap up. Neither I consider unreasonable requirements. Every single other manufacturer of wires don't produce there's like this, nor are they white which I guess is personal taste. They also have a unique plug, so you are unable to buy alternative.

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    Throw your £20 in the bin instead

    Dreadful cables. I've had to replace my Lightning Cable 4 times in the past year alone. The first one didn't work right out of the box, second one became very sensitive about whether it would charge or not, failing as soon as I turn my back. As someone who relies on their iPhone's morning alarms, being able to actually charge during the night is A MUST. 3rd cable came with my AirPods and lasted a total of 3 weeks before deciding to not connect any more and my 4th is going okay so far. I know it's not my devices that are the issue as I have an iPad Air and an iPhone 5s

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    Never had a problem

    I have had a lightning cable since they were first introduced in apple devices and the original one I got in the box still works perfectly and I use it multiple times a day. I have had to replace another cable but that was due to me losing it, not the cable giving out. Works perfectly for a long time if taken care of properly.

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    I didn't realise such a big problem. My lightening chargers constantly break and I thought I was doing something wrong despite being super careful. Interesting to hear it affects everyone

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    Poor quality leads

    These leads are such poor quality. I look after my iphone and it's accessories but the quality of the charging leads and earpods are so bad, that it cost a fortune to keep replacing them with genuine leads. My family all have android phones (which cost less the the iphones) and they have not had to replace the leads in years, me I am lucky if they last a few months.

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    I am furious that Apple using such cruel marketing ploy. iPhone is great smartphone but because of this cables I will choose Samsung as my next phone. I had like 5-6 cables in past two years and £19 per one is just so kind of joke. I could sleep last night because I saw that my shiphone doesn't charge again. I hope you will creat official statement with apology to stupid people like me which bought 6 times this freaking cable. Nice one Apple hope you can do better than that.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Whats wrong with you people?

    So many negatives on this lead, i think its down to incompetency more than anything else.
    Wire is brilliant and tough if you look after it (which is where people struggle and blame the wire) genuine item must be used so it doesnt mess up your battery. A+++ price goes with quality assurance.

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    Last a long time if you look after them

    I have several of these cables and have never had one fail. If you look after them (ie don’t kink them and only pull on the plug not the cable etc, ) then they last for years.

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    They really aren't great are they?

    So Apple cables have always been a little flaky but the ones used for iphone 3 & 4 generally worked pretty well. Sure, they did occasionally split at the end where you plug in to the phone but they generally continued to function.

    Unfortunately this is not the same for any phone above 5 and ipad above 4 - the new cables are just too weak. Comments from some on here suggest that one should handle them with care, this is true but any item that is designed to be used so regularly needs to have sufficient strength and robustness to function for more than a few months. Cheaper replacements work for a little but then also give up the ghost.

    I do love Apple products but this is a weakness that does need to be resolved. None of my friends who use Andriod phones seem to experience this issue - how is this possible?

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    Too expensive, rip off constantly replacing it

    Big company like Apple should redesign it

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    Work OK

    I have had my cables for years and they work fine. One has become a little frayed at the phone end, but I put a piece of sticking plaster round it and it has been no trouble for over a year. In fact our recent house-sitters took both cable and 12W power adaptor with them when they left. Not happy about that. Maybe the older cables were better made?

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    Why apple why

    Same thing, I don't even remember how many cables I already bought. Why are u doing this apple? Why? Seriously can u give me an aswear?

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    4 iphones in our family, every one has an Apple supplied cable broken or breaking in the same place.
    The cheaper copy cat accesories available don't generally work, so the only option is buying Apple's expensive version. Which will surely break in a few months. Very disappointing. 1 star rating given as 0 not an option, but surely deserved.
    Apple, you are a great company with great products. But I don't think I've ever seen a worse star rating on any site, for any product, than you have achieved on this small but essential accessory. Maybe one to look at again.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible quality

    I'm on my third lightning cable and my 2nd magsafe power adaptor cable because Apple cannot make good quality cables. Each time, it's been the same problem - the rubber near the connector splits and the cable starts to fray.

    Your first thought might be "this guy doesn't look after cables." That's not true. I have mini USB and micro USB cables that I have had for years. I haven't used my lightning cables anywhere near as often as I have used those other cables. Apple cables are the only ones that have ever broken like this for me. It seems to be because of the material. If the cable gets twisted while it's plugged in (e.g. through use or moving around while charging), it puts strain on these parts and eventually splits. If all you ever do is leave your device perfectly still while this cable is plugged in then you might be ok.

    Third-party cables are also poor, I have two in front of me (one is braided for extra strength) that do not work properly when connecting my iPad to my MacBook Pro. They both continuously connect and disconnect. So, through bad third-party experiences, I'm forced to spend a lot of money on an official Apple product that I know will not last.

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    So much waste :(

    I really love apple products but having to buy a new charger nearly every other month of £20 is ridiculous, it's ba fro see all the low reviews as well and it's the same reason Apple really need to do something about this, the money I spend on charger I could use to buy the songs that I want or anything else really, I love my iPhone but it's so hard to stick with it when my partner who has had his phone for nearly 3 years now and hasn't had to buy a new charger at all and he treats it like absolute rubbish but I look after my charger and slight bend the wrong way and it doesn't work anymore, this is really the last time I buy a charger if it breaks again might have to get rid of my iPhone as it's costing me way to much in chargers which is not something I can go without.

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    Terrible value for money.

    I'm just about to buy my third cable in a year, and I do take care in my use of them. The plastic sheathing always breaks near the lightning socket exposing the metal. If I could give zero stars I would - they are grossly overpriced, they were expensive at £14, and the increase to £19 after the Brexit referendum was just taking the micturation (apparently Apple doesn't like us to use the word beginning with "p"). £10 might be a fair price.

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    your able chargers are absolutely terrible

    your chargers are terrible, we want a new style for the iPhone 8 or I will move to Samsung.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible, bad choice of material, and barely fit for purpose, zero stars

    I've had three cables. On one of them the outer plastic covering just corroded away and started flaking off so I could see the metal sheathing underneath. On another two after normal use (yes, cables are meant to flex and bend in normal use without breaking) the plastic and metal sheathing just broke apart near the lightning connector, and I've had to resort to wrapping them in sellotape around the end to cover up the break and give them some strength. Considering the lip service given to industrial design, these cables are terrible.

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