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    Terrible. Keep breaking and cost is ridiculous.

    I have been through so many lightning cables, I have lost count. At least five of these 1m ones (all broke) and third party ones are even worse.

    The Apple cables cost way too much and are of appalling quality.

    It is galling to read the tiny number of positive reviews for this truly awful product saying that the problem is just because people don't take care of the cables. What offensive nonsense. They cost a lot of money and are a pain to replace, but they stop working even when carefully handled.
    The idea practically everyone else who has written a review is simply a careless idiot is not only rude, it is really quite dim.

    These cables have uber-delicate internal wires that seem to get disconnected very easily. The microchips in them require extra internal cables, so there is more to go wrong and it seems like the only design imperative was for it to be small. I'd rather something bigger that worked!!

    Third party cables frequently don't work and even those sold with 'Made for iPhone' approval and sold by Apple will frequently fail and many won't charge at all as the iPhone or iPad will claim that 'This accessory may not be supported' and then fail to charge. Of course, that's better than it exploding the phone if it really is dodgy, but come on! After having that issue with a LOT of third party cables, I bought more of these Apple ones and all but one have failed.

    It really is stunning why Apple allowed this problem to continue for so long and haven't apologised about it and still have made no promise to improve them. Of course, wireless and inbuilt solar charging would be great, but I'd settle for a cable that works.

    It is hard to know what to recommend as there aren't many alternatives that are very good either. That said, my Belkin one in my car has been OK for several months and has withstood being wound up and unwound repeatedly. My iPhone and iPad are a big part of my life, taking over ever more functions, and with services like Apple Pay we are placing ever more reliance on our Apple devices. If you run out of battery on the Tube in London, you could end up being overcharged if you can't touch out. If you were hoping to pay for a meal with your iPhone, you can't if it's not powered. Being able to charge the device up is so fundamental to being able to use these devices that I just can't see why this isn't being treated seriously.

    Wireless charging is long overdue and competitors are way ahead on that. I'm not going to upgrade my iPhone 6+ to the next model if it doesn't have wireless or a new type of cable. In the meantime, please stop selling these awful cables and switch to a toughened Lightning cable that is designed with some slack on the internal cables so they don't come detatched so easily! And please make it easier for third parties to make alternatives that are safe, cheap and reliable too.

    Luckily, my JBL speaker dock (cheap and v loud, highly recommended) does charge well (and has a USB port so can do your iPad at the same time if you can find a Lightning cable that works :-P !

    It is truly infuriating that I'm now having to spend another £10-£20 on yet another cable. I could have paid for one year's access to Apple Music for the same amount I've spent on these ruddy things! I think I'll have to hope another Belkin one will be as sturdy as the one in my car!!!

    Come on Apple, my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus cost as much as a used car! Please make charging it more straightforward, less expensive and reliable! Pretty please?!

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    Terrible product

    Would give 0 stars if possible. These are just awful. I must have spent in excess of £100 on cables just over the past two months no word of a lie. I accept that products aren't always perfect first time but this is quite evidently an ongoing widespread issue so I'm wondering if it's ever going to be addressed and resolved? At this point I'm honestly considering switching to a Samsung when my contract runs out which is a shame as I much prefer the iPhone but the cable issue is just too infuriating and not something customers should still be having to deal with.

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    I have had this phone for 1 year now and It is absolutely shocking the amount of new chargers that I have needed in the past half a year! I have have around 5 new phone chargers over the past 3 months and that's £75!!!

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    Please fix this issue

    I have a business with around 10 iphones and ipads and these leads are very poor, prone to fraying and breaking quickly. It is very irritating to have to keep buying them. It is not so much the money but the disruption this causes that makes me want to reconsider deploying further Apple products. If there was a more expensive but more rugged option available I would have no hesitation in buying it. In my opinion, this lead undermines Apples reputation for good design and build quality.

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    Lightning cable

    Absolutely awful. The amount of these we have been through. The price of the product why isn't the cable top quality??? Come on apple!!

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    Why would you log in to comment on the quality of these...

    ...if you have had no problem with them?

    Apple I love your devices but this charging cable puts your entire business to shame. I am further disgusted by the fact you are prepared to drop in the odd stooge into this comment stream spouting the same rubbish I got from the store manager. The fact is the plastic you have used to manufacture these cable is not fit for purpose. End of story. This combined with your failure to acknowledge that fact and the price you charge for replacement is no less than a disgrace. We are not stupid and if you persist in treating us that way we will eventually desert you. Please sort it out now.

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    very weak product

    I agree with many others this is a poor product. The cable frayed after one week of use. I am starting to believe that Apple are trading on attractive visual design and marketing, but are falling short in quality and substance.

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    Second cable this year broken

    Rubbish! Such a shame Apple couldn't create a stronger cable that doesn't break every six months.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1m).

    Absolutely atrocious how apple can put there name on this rubbish is beyond me this has to be the worst cable ever made buy apple very poor quality.

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    Doesn't last long

    Anyone who's had an apple charging cable knows it won't last very long. You pay 600 pounds for a phone that comes with a poorly made charger that won't last a year, (sometimes not even 6 months), no matter how careful you are. A decent charger is really the very least you could do, Apple. Shame on you.

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    Poorest quality ever seen in a cable

    I have been an apple customer for years and have always loved their products that they design. I have no idea however what they have been thinking when they have designed both the lighting cable and other cables including headphones an MagSafe. The quality and durability is absolutely appalling, like terrible appalling, the worst consumer product I have ever seen. I am not sure what they make the cables out of, but it almost resembles a thin piece of chewing gum, and to charge such a high price for it is terrible. Apple needs to learn that if they are going to make robust, durable and reliable products, it must include the accessories also, they are part of the product. I have probably bought more cables from Apple than anything else. Terrible, terrible product. Shocking for Apple. Should be ashamed.

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    I've literally spent hundreds on chargers!!!!!!

    Apple need to fix this problem with charging their devices. How come my 2 year old Samsung charger still works, but Apple chargers don't last longer than 4 months I've tried many different brands and bought numbers original Apple cables. But this time is a joke bought my cable and it says it's not compatible with my device smh. Beyond angry not buying no more Apple product until this problem is fixed. Lonely boycott but your not getting my money again!!!!

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    We have got 5 of these cables in our household for iphones that are less than two years old and all of them are no longer working!! Absolutely appalling quality accessories for such expensive, high end items - NOT what I would expect from an Apple product!!

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    Worst charger in history!

    If I could give this 0 stars I would. I've been through about 10 chargers in the past few years of having apple products they all do the same thing the wire cover starts bunching up at the end before splitting and then stop working. I've got old chargers 10-15 years old from old phones like Nokia etc and they still work yet an apple charger lasts 6 months tops. To the idiots saying you have to look after the cable that's BS because I have looked after all of mine only pulling from the hard plastic bit and not taking it anywhere it just stays in the plug not moving and it still breaks and my old Nokia charger I took everywhere and could wind it up and everything and it still works. APPLE YOU NEED TO CHANGE THIS DESIGN AND QUICK BEACUSE IT IS TRULY AWFUL AND THE PRICE IS RIDICULOUS!

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    Poor quality

    Extremely poorly made product, doesn't last very long. Buying a replacement is grossly overpriced!

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    Get your stuff (to put it politely) together Apple

    The quality of these cables for the price they are is ridiculous. You can go to pound land and get the same thing, if you assume that we buy your merchandise for the logo you're mistaken- on my part at least. I buy your products because they are (although recently the more appropriate word is were) good quality; and hence, I didn't mind paying an extortionate amount. The cable I had was for my i pod- I took care of it, and disconnected it by pulling the base, not the actual wire part- broke within a year (HTC charger 4 years going strong). The metallic shield was visible (and touchable), and I would classify this as a fire hazard- I don't know how you haven't been sued yet. I think I'll go to pound land next time.

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    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

    Absolute horror of a product at an absolutely disgusting price. The burning timbers of rotten old wood used to send smoke signals were a more efficient accessory to communication technology. This self-destructing cable of doom has failed me for the last time, back to the Nokia 3210 and the joy of indestructible heavy reliability...

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    Lightning connector is too small

    Make the lightning connector bigger, i.e. the body is too small to grasp when removing from the phone. So instead of pulling the connector out by the wire, which results in it breaking and turning brown due to shorting out internally, make a finger and thumb sized pull out tab, so one pulls the plug, oh, and put more reinforcement on the cable in this area so it does not bend so easily, then the cable would be more robust and you would have a happy customer base.

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    Apples ignorance! Another reason to move from Apple

    Zero Star!

    Can't believe how this company ignores all these negative reviews for this Charging cable!
    And that shows you how ignorant and weak analysis of quality of the products

    Bye bye ignorance

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    Very poor

    Why on earth can't Apple produce better quality cables? I've purchased several in recent months for 3 Apple devices and they invariably last but a few weeks. After years of loyal (and expensive) Apple device usage... Starting to look elsewhere.

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