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    Not durable

    I am just about to order my 4th cable in 2 1/2 years. Last year a 2m cable was £25, this year it's £29.
    The one I am using at present is a 2m cable and the casing has split.
    Prior to this I had a 1m cable, the wire was obviously damaged and it started smoking, so I binned it, quickly!

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    1m cable perfect, 2m won't work with iPad mini 2 (retina)

    I've read lots of reviews for this 2m cable, all complaining about its poor longevity. However, my issue with it, is that it just doesn't work with my iPad mini 2... When I plug my iPhone 5S into it, to charge, it's fine and stays connected and charges and works as it should (and the same as the 1 metre cable which came with the phone.

    I decided that a longer cable would be really useful, partly because I don't have many power points but also so that I could use my iPad mini in bed, whilst still having it plugged in, so I bought this 2 metre cable from apple. I assumed, being an 'official'/original cable, that there would be no issues with it - and I checked the compatibility. However, when I first plugged my iPad in, it 'pinged' to notify that it had connected, but when I looked at it five minutes later, it was no longer showing as connected. This happens all the time (sometimes it doesn't even connect at first), which is really frustrating and makes what is an extortionate cable, useless!

    I don't know if I just got a 'duff one' but I cannot recommend this cable based on my annoying experience! I will have to stick to my limiting 1 metre cable unless I maybe try a much cheaper, unofficial longer one?!

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    Rip off

    I went through 3 cables in a short time. I have had this last one 6 months now because I taped duct tape to the solid bits which go into the plug and iPad right down on to the cable for a few centimetres preventing the cable from bending.

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