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    Don't even bother

    • Written by Lauren B from Leeds

    Bought this because it was the same price as the charging cable and usb wires tend to last longer, it worked for exactly 6 days, plugged it in today (with the same micro usb cable I've used since I got it) and it's now coming up with the "this accessory is not certified" message. I'm now left with 9% battery, no way to charge my phone and about £20 less money in my bank account (after p&p) absolutely fuming! I've tried everything I can think of to try and get it to work and absolutely nothing!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Kenneth R from Northwhich

    with this small adapter I can replace just the micro usb cable rather than playing £29 for a 2 meter lighting cable!!! brilliant

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    Brilliant idea

    • Written by Michelle S from Killarney

    I use the micro USB cables for charging various things HD, PS4, Mi fi , so being able to use these cables to charge my iPhone / iPad etc is very handy.

    yes it's tiny but that's why it's attached to a micro USB cable at all times and kept for convenience in my iPad case so know where it is at all times.

    Great thing to have if you don't want to drag a load of cables with you on holidays or for trips away.

    Overall a must have and it's not horribly expensive either.

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