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    I have problems and the chat/phoneline are off duty.

    • Written by David S from Marlborough

    Bought for £ 29 after reading as much as I could. I am trying to import 32 gig sd/micro cf card via a good quality reader and thence to ipad2 OR iPhone 5s to read traffic info( HD) ex dashcam..
    Both iPad and iPhone open either photo prog OR iUSB pro ( which is the Apple certified app from the app store.)
    In both cases, phone or iPad says IMPORT and goes no further.
    Others have said make sure device is fully charged-makes no difference.
    The reader plugs straight into my HP laptop and plays all the video files contained on the card via Windows Media Player or Quicktime. Also, they will play via the usb port on my Sony Bravia smart tv.
    BUT I Want To Play the B....dy things on my iPad.........Help!
    Frustrated from Marlborough.

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