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    Waste of money - beware before buying!!

    I bought one of these to use as a reliable, wireless backup for my MacBooks and iMacs around my house. It doesn't say anywhere on the product page that this device HAS to be connected via ethernet cable to your modem. So unless I drill and feed a cable to my home office upstairs, the device HAS to live next to the router downstairs in the family room. My intentions was to replace my AirPort Extreme device that is wireless both ways. Meaning it only needs its power cord, and can be put anywhere in the house and it picks up the wireless signal (WIRELESSLY!) and extends it back out. Why can't this device do that?! Whats the need for it to be plugged in via ethernet? I expect so much more for the price especially coming from Apple. If you ask me, this device is useless, I could have purchase what I wanted for less money but kept it Apple because of the other products I own are great. If you don't mind putting it next to (or replacing) your router, then its probably a good product. But I think Apple have really missed the mark with this product. UPDATE: I have now had to plug this into my AirPort Extreme (which is completely wireless) using a ethernet cable. So I have bought 2 Apple products to do 1 job. £400, 2 plug sockets and wasted time later, I have it doing what it should be able to do. Thanks Microsoft..I mean Apple...

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    Catastrophic packaging design! Why don't they warn customers in the store?

    I was standing and holding the package when opening it for the first time. I had no idea it was designed so bad, that when the top comes off the device just falls out of the bottom part. It fell to the floor into pieces. Nice job Apple

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    Having read the reviews i was encouraged by the ease of the setup and usability. Little did I know that it would take 5 days and a long phone call with apple support to set it up! (The apple support guy was very good in the end, hence the 1 star!!). Finally it was working along side my bt router and not instead of the bt router, but i have persevered. Since then it has taken 11 hours to back up 4GB of data!! As I have 1 TB of data to back up,myself and the equipment will very old by the time it is complete. I expected much more from an Apple product and I'm very disappointed with it. Do NOT waste £249!!!!

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    Time Machine

    My Time Capsule, the second one, has died. It was unreliable at best, now it is dead. Looking online, Time Capsules are not reliable.

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    Time Capsule as back up only

    I wish to use my new Time Capsule as a wireless back up device only. Very disappointed in the lack of instructions on how to disable all of the "new wireless network creation" features.

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    Very disapointed

    Bought the new time capsule when I up graded desk top and lap top. Unit is very disapointing. My mobile devices constantly fall off the wifi and I must re boot to frequently to re establish connectivity. Using the time capsule, the unit also looses the ip of the desk top (hard wired to it) and the lap top pro. You get one back up and then you must reboot the device and modem. Hate it, have re connected my old airport (works like a charm) and will be throwing this time capsule in the bin,

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