• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprising result when machine washing earphones with your pants!

    Yes - it's a pity, and I did it. Silly me.

    So I've ordered a replacement set because, over 18 months usage, I had found them extremely comfortable and stable; even when out running they don't get dislodged. The music and voice rendition is extremely good and a lot better (and more comfortable) than the standard ear capsules that come with the iPhone, etc. My only real criticism is that if you eat potato chips while listening, it ruins the music.

    For interest, after a machine wash cycle (the phones were in the pocket of my pants) I found the connecting jack was a bit iffy and the composite switch didn't work most of the time. Not such a surprise. But I really need that remote.

    The big surprise, though, was the earphones themselves continue to produce great sound across the range, so all is not lost

    I shall chalk this one up to experience.