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    Lightning Fast Faults!

    I still have at least 8 '30 pin' cables for iPods, iPhones & iPads, which have all lasted all this time, with not one fault.
    Since my partner and I bought each other the iPhone 5 in January, we've had 3 faulty 'Lightning' cables each. Yes, Apple will replace them under the warranty, providing you return the faulty one! If not, they will relieve your credit card of £15.00 and leave you with yet another cable which will break within a month.
    This is clearly a very poor design and one which needs to be addressed by Apple immediately.
    Come on guys. Your quality control is going down the pan here!

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    Bad quality

    Bought both my kids an iPod for Xmas - both cables not working now - very poor

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    Very cheap quality.

    I bought my iPhone 5 in November last year, and tomorrow I have to go replace my cable for the 3rd time. When will Apple design one of a better quality, that doesn't stop working after a few weeks? I refuse to spend any more money on these cables and will be sending a complaint.

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    lousy quality

    After using the charger for 5 month, it doesnt work anymore! So far the lousiest charger i have ever used! Please solve this problem ASAP!

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    I'd give it 0 stars if I could

    This product is so poorly manufactured, not to mention the price of it. I've now gone through 2 cables and I can't be bothered to get another one because it's rubbish.

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    Got the iphone 5 in september, had 2 cables from apple and both broke within weeks of using. I then bought an adapter so i could use my iphone 4 cable and now the adapter has stopped working. I have 4% battery and do not know what to do or buy next. Sort it apple.

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    4 broke since christmas

    Well, we both got iphone 5's for christmas, and we'd priviosly had iphone 4's for 2 years. I still to this very day, have my 30 pin iphone. 4, origional cable fully working from over 2 years ago. So why do the lightningg conncter break so easily? They loose connection for abit and then just die, and now you expect yet another £15 out of my purse? When working the cable is very fast to charge and i like the both way charging, but seriosly, letting the phone down, bad reviews to all my friends and family! I advise to get the adapter from. 30 pin to 8 pin using the old cable, apple stil steals a further £25 from us, but at least they won't break! Fix it apple!

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    Like everyone else, I have drawers full of 32-pin chargers. The lightning charger, however, doesn't last. The lightning end has become limp and flaccid (within months) and charging my iPhone is a frustrating challenge. The iPhone 5 is great - but it needs power to work. Sort it out, Apple!

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    Lead for I phone 5

    Have had phone since jan and during the 3 months I have had 4 chargers! Most inadiquite charger ever made! Not just my fone but lots of friends having same problems.

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    doesn't charge anymore..

    i've had my ipad mini for up to 3 months now and the cable cord doesn't work anymore, i'm not paying £15 if it's going to break again. I see people have the same problem as me, that i have to move the cord to a certain spot so that my ipad will charge. Apple needs to sort out this problem and they should replace the broken ones to brand new ones to the costumers.

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    iphone 5 cable

    broke after just a few weeks, a very poorly made product.

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    Over priced, poor quality

    Waste of time, waste of money. I'm now on 5th cable!!! All have slit and stopped working, and no I haven't over used them!!! Apple needs to drop the price of a needed but poor quality item!!!

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    hopeless cables

    Apple cables are very poorly specified. The strain relief is insufficient and the cable sleeve wears easily. They have been like this since I first had an iPhone 3G. Lightning cables have not improved the reliability at all. I am constantly throwing out failed cables and buying replacements.

    It really is time Apple addressed this. It's a joke.

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    Exceptionaly bad

    I have lost the count on how many lighting cables I have bought. They all split at one end. I don't understand why Apple do not improve thus repeated fault! One after another always tge same! Expensive product, very poor quality and Apple dont care.

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    A disgraceful product

    I am so tired of replacing iPhone/iPad chargers. We have in our house 6 apple products but never more than 2 chargers working at a time
    It's about time Apple designed a cable that is built to last.

    I have spent a fortune on cables and I am seriously considering changing to an android phone if the problem with cables isn't fixed soon.

    Come Apple sort this out. Instead of working on another iPhone get some of your technical guys to fix this issue. Or at least make the price of replacements a lot cheaper.

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    Are you willing to buy a new cable every 6 months?

    Because that's what will happen. I just don't understand how Apple can build and iPhone in all it's complexity and fails to bring a reliable cable to us.
    It's just a cable! Why can't you build one that actually works for a while??

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    Poor quality

    after purchasing the iphone 5 in February I have had to buy 4 chargers and the one I currently have has just stopped working so tomorrow will have to go to apple and yet again buy another one. I am not happy with this and I think the quality needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. when I had the iphone4 I had no problem with that charger what so ever

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    Defective Cables and Charging Port:-/!!

    I am actually very angry about the FACT that there is a problem with the cables for the iPhones and Apple seems uninterested in admitting or addressing the problem. I am on my FOURTH cable!!!!! No, I am not an idiot who pulls the cable from the port. I am a 51 year old businessperson who spends hard earned money on what I HOPE is quality equipment and accessories. To add insult to injury when I go to the "genius":-/ bar, they act as if I'm stupid and pretend that they are oblivious to the problem (there was another customer there with the SAME issue BTW!).

    I am angry because I bought my first Apple computer almost THIRTY YEARS AGO and have been a loyal customer. I used them in my business and personal life. Sure, there have been bumps along the way, BUT this problem is especially annoying because of the lack of acknowledgement by Apple and refusal to admit a mistake. Sure, lots of cables are working fine, but for many of us, they are a HUGE FAIL:-/!!

    I EXPECT MORE FROM APPLE. It doesn't take a "genius" to figure out that customer loyalty is the foundation for success. If you're making someone like me who has spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the years this upset, red flags should be going off somewhere in your organization! WOW!

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    This wont come as a shock

    I am now on my 5th cable in 15 months. My phone spends most of its life sat charging on my work desk, so its not unusual usage. Yes Apple will "occasionally" replace the cable FOC, but put simply, the cable is not fit for purpose. Unfortunately I cannot foresee a change to this issue, as its all about the %'s of faults with Apple. It would however be useful if they could at least reduce the price of the cables to reflect the quality of the product.

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    Very poor, never had such problems with charger cables before.

    I have never once had a phone charger break in all the years I have been using a mobile phone. However in the past year I have had to buy two of these. I know several people who use the new lightening cable and all of them have been forced to buy new ones.

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