• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightweight and overpriced.

    • Written by Kevin S from London

    It does charge but it is way to light, you cannot just pick your phone up off the dock as the dock is way too light and the fitting too tight, so as long as you are prepared to hold the dock down whilst you remove it then its fine, does have audio pass through so if you want it hooked up permanently to HiFi etc its useful.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very, very fiddly.

    • Written by Mark S from London

    Using a 6/6s/7 Plus with the dock is fiddly and annoying.

    It's very difficult to align the Lightning port on the phone correctly with the Lightning spike on the dock. And it's very hard to unplug, often requiring both hands to separate the tiny, not-that-heavy base from the phone.

    It often takes 10s, sometimes longer, of angling it and scraping around trying to seat the un-flared hole, in the oh-so-smoothly rounded edge of the phone, onto the not-particularly chamfered/rounded spike. This when you just want to plug the darn thing in already. It's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Unplugging's just as bad. The force with which the Lightning socket grips the spike is far, far greater than the weight of the base, and because the base is so small and the phone so large, it's not always possible to free the thing with just one hand. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, the force required to use the fake home button on the 7 Plus typically means the rubber-based dock still slides away from you before it registers. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, I find that the rake is insufficient. When I put the phone down at arm's reach, the screen is facing my chest. Possibly this is to avoid glare or stressing the lightning spike, which is the sole means of support, putting the weight of the Plus sized phones entirely onto a tiny sliver of somewhat-reinforced circuit-board material. Whatever, again, it's like they're deliberately sabotaging the experience.

    If the base were slightly differently shaped and had a less hard/scrapy edge, one might be able to use it to lie the phone on it's side, as a prop, to watch video. But it isn't, and it doesn't, and we can't. So, while that doesn't feel like deliberate sabotage, it feels like an obvious potential use ignored, wastefully.

    Really, Apple's current levels of design honesty seem to be falling short of their own espoused standards.

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